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S04.E12: Fight To The Finish

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When they said they had to do another tattoo, I was hoping it would be tattooing a testicular cancer survivor's sack.


I think the right three moved on. Sausage and Scott should have open up a shop together and do an odd-couple-esque reality show there.

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As much as I can't stand Scott, he was the right one to stay.  And I KNEW they would all end up hugging each other, and shaking hands in the end.....*LOL*   


I thought Halo was going to cry at the final elimination.  He did some really nice work.  And all 4 of them wanted the blank canvas, Halo was just smart enough to play the client.  Isn't that what they are always nattering on about?  Talking the client into what YOU think is best?  The other 3 were just mad that THEY didn't think of doing it.   


I absolutely loved Sausage's asymetrical breast flowers....they made such a gorgeous composition.  Looked a bit Hawaiian to me, and really striking.  And I LOVED how the judges praised the exact thing Scott said was wrong.  


From the looks of next week, Scott get's a really touchy canvas.  NO easy win for him, please!  

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I was hoping Halo would make it to the final.  He really pulled out all the stops in the last few episodes, and seems like the nicest of the four of them.  I would rather him than Matti.  Sausage and Scott absolutely deserve to be there, having won so many of the challenges.  But I think Scott is the most consistent of the bunch, and should be Ink Master.  Hopefully he gets a chance to show what he can do with no restrictions, but it ain't looking good from the promos.  


Dave N. has been saying all along that winning the most elimination challenges would mean a huge advantage in the live finale?  I wonder what that is?

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When they said they had to do another tattoo, I was hoping it would be tattooing a testicular cancer survivor's sack.

I totally had a similar thought, except tattoo penises of prostate cancer survivors.


I thought it was horrible customer service for Halo to say, "I don't do/am horrible at cover-ups" to the clients. What if blank canvas lady liked the style of one of the others and picked them? Then a cover-up canvas is stuck with this guy thinking they'll get a crappy tattoo, if they even go through with it. Not to mention that Halo completely lied about that. As Scott said, Halo won a cover-up flash challenge.


I wonder if the blank canvas lady was a trap because she wanted such a non-creative tattoo?

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Halo didn't lie. He just said he doesn't do cover-ups at home, which was enough to cast doubt on his ability to do them. If the other artists' egos could have stood the strain, they could have raved to any canvas they didn't want about the job Halo had done with one, instead of just griping about it to each other or in a TH.


I'm a little tired of having an artist do what a canvas wants somehow being a strike against him, although Halo should have at least tried to amp up the task instead of taking the opportunity to coast.

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It didn't even matter what Halo told the three cover-up canvases. The non-cover-up lady was the first to choose, and she chose him. Whatever he said to her was more compelling than what the other three said.

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