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I liked Bella Thorne in a couple of things.  I have watched her Lifetime Movie The Perfect High a dozen times but that might have something to do with my affection for drug movies.  I tried to like this but sooooo not my thing but I am not sure if Bella Thorne is overly judged or just has very limited range.  Not that that can’t serve her well if she uses it to her advantage.  She wouldn’t be the first actor with limited range to make a living playing the same character over and over and over again.

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I complained a lot about the one-sidedness of Rainer/Jordan's friendship so I think it's important for me to say that in the final episode, Rainer showing up for Jordan - while such a simple thing - did a lot to win me over that their friendship is genuine. 

Of course, just as there's a glimpse of a chance that the show might start getting some stuff right, it's cancelled. Story of my life. At least, this way I can tell myself that it was creep that was killed, not darling Jordan. He and Tangy got back together and went on to live HEA.

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