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I am a lifelong wrestling fan, I was never much of a fan of the Divas though. I can't believe how much I am enjoying this show!

I loved the stuff with Bryan and Jon, they are so funny! Nattie's comments to Summer were kind of strange when you look at what some of the other girls, especially the Bellas, wear in the ring and how they shake their asses too. And Bryan wears trunks so he's actually wearing less than anyone else LOL. Just a silly thing to mention her clothes. And her dancing is her gimmick, and they acknowledge that they are doing a gimmick out there.  I think that's the one complaint I have about the show, most of the time they acknowledge that the wrestling is scripted but then every once in a while they act like it isn't.  

The preview shows John Cena supposedly cheating, I bet that turns out to be a surprise party for Nikki or something.

The show isn't on next week because of Wrestlemania, I'm not sure if they mentioned that?

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The one thing that I noticed about all the veterans (not Trinity) is that they get really catty and bitchy towards the newbies.  Season1: the Bellas towards Eva and Season2: Nattie toward Summer.

Although I don't particularly love Eva or Summer either.

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Totally agree KerleyQ.


Can't wait to see Trinity and Jon's wedding next week.  I thought it was so cute that Jon was a dancer in her music video.  Sooo cute.

Kudos to Nikki for getting her real estate license.  The way she shows off the gifts she gets from John, I thought she was aiming to be a trophy wife.  Brie and Trinity are my favorite divas.

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Could Nattie have come across as a bigger bitch? TJ can help his family if he wants to. She said she bought her parents a car. He should have talked to her, but she would have said no, since it's for his family and not hers.  She looked so petty when she was looking up the prices for the spa, then kissing and hugging the sister and telling her how great she looked when she came in. And if it's none of the sister's business, don't fight about it in front of her.


Arianne and her dumbass boyfriend can go away any time now. All that screeching and noises in the car? And what is the point of lying to Nattie when they are right on camera?  Girl bye.


Loved the nosy neighbor ratting them out. 


Trinity and Jon are the voice of reason amongst these crazy people. 

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Every week my love for Trinity and Jon grows. They are just fantastic and I wish them a long and happy marriage.


Eva's family are the absolute WORST. I can't help but feel sorry for her because they are just awful. Her mother's attitude on the phone was just deplorable. I still don't understand what the beef is with Eva's husband. He seems like a nice enough guy. Even though they were trying to show that they "came around" by coming to see her, they still seemed to be totally callous to Eva's plight. Hate hate hate. 

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Eva's mom was so nasty on the phone. I get that they had a fight, but it's your kid, and she's sick. If I recall correctly, she made sure to lecture her before she even asked her what was wrong. She's gone and married the guy, they need to get over it and let her live her life. What exactly is it that they don't like about him? He loves her, he married her, he has a job. He didn't ask permission to marry her? They aren't some strict traditional family, the brother lives with his girlfriend and don't they have a kid?

I know Eva talked about going through a rough patch in her life but she seems to have come out of that and she's doing really well for herself. They don't even seem like they are proud of her. I wish she hadn't even called them.


(I originally posted this on TWoP but it's under a different name, which is why I mention it)

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I dunno, I'm not some big Nattie fan, but I think that TJ and his sister are equally douchey. Really? $5K on a bouncy house that you want to rent out? Is he going to pay all of her legal fees when she's sued by a parent whose kid hurts themselves on it? She's a shady bitch. And I sincerely doubt TJ is rolling in dough since he's never been more than a mid card and is barely active, so maybe he should be a little bit more frugal about pissing his money away.


I also can't stand Ariane and her numbskull boyfriend. Not one functioning brain cell between the two of them.

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Ariane and her boyfriend are special. She was super annoying in the scene of him picking her up at the airport. She's beyond childish.


Nattie was a super bitch to TJ.


I cannot believe that in all this time Brie has never tired to school Nikki on her chicken choices. That whole story line was completed staged. One big PSA!

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Ariane is beyond irritating.  She just acts so immature.  Her boyfriend is a loser. 


Nattie & TJ - do these guys ever talk to each other.  Once they got married, I don't understand why they wouldn't make it a rule that large purchases needed to be discussed with each other before hand.   TJ comes off as the most un-romantic person in the world and he shouldn't have invited his sister to NY w/out talking to Nattie about it before hand.  His sister comes off as a user. They are never going to see a dime from her.


Love Jon and Trinity!  Still don't like Eva's parents.

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Trinity looked gorgeous.  I'm so happy for her and Jon.  Loved Jon's comment about them having babies ASAP and Jon giving her the side eye.  Thought it was messed up that Rikishi didn't show up to their wedding.  Really a last minute personal appearance takes precedence over your son's wedding?


Eva's parents suck. 

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My guess is a lot of these wrestlers (like any celebrity) have some family members they're supporting or always asking them for money. On the 1st season ( I think ) they showed John Cena visiting his family. I think he mentioned he was helping support his dad and his brother.

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Summer Rae and Fandango go on a date. Jon is upset when Trinity makes a decision without him. Brie and Nikki clash over wedding plans. 



Wow, they let Summer Rae be shown as something other than a mean girl! That date was so awkward! 


The stuff with Trinity and Jon was such nonsense. I'm sure she talked to him about that before she went, and we're supposed to believe she didn't, and that it took them days to resolve it? She walks up to him at work to talk about it like they don't live together and travel together, and wouldn't have already talked about it. This is the stuff on these type of shows that's so frustrating.


I'm positive at some point Cena is going to propose to Nikki, otherwise they wouldn't be bringing up that "it might never happen for her" in every single episode. I thought she could have been a little nicer about the wedding stuff with Brie. She's being pretty selfish, she can't put aside how she feels for her sister's sake? I didn't like that Brie had to go to her and apologize for being excited and happy about her wedding and wanting to include her sister, and Nikki didn't say she was sorry for being bitchy. Can you imagine what Nikki will be like when she's doing this? I like them better when they are getting along. "I just want you to admit you have a penis." That cracked me up! I want more of that.


I don't want it to seem like I don't like Nikki, I really do, I just thought that this was a bit much and I'm sick of hearing how it won't happen for her. 

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Arianne prepares for the release of her single. Eva and Summer are put together as a tag team and it's doesn't go well. Cameron is injured in the ring.

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My problem with it is that Cena has told her he doesn't want to get married again. So If Nikki is going to be that upset that it might not happen for her, and she really does want to get married, then she needs to get out of that relationship.

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Agreed QuePasa. That's why I feel like it's just for a storyline. If this was really going on, I don't think it would be brought up so much on the show, it would be too painful. I don't think any of them are going to put anything that personal and hurtful out there for the public to pick apart. I'd be shocked if this season doesn't end with Cena telling her that her love has changed his mind and proposing to her. Her main theme has been that she wants to get married too. 


If that's not the case, then it's just really shitty of her to stay with a guy who doesn't want what she wants and she will end up resenting. He's been so up front with her about everything and he's given her a chance to move on if she wasn't on the same page as he was. 

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Totally agree with the both of you.


Nikki knew up front that John doesn't want to get married.  She had the chance to walk away and she didn't, so she needs to own her decision.  Her twin sister is getting married, she needs to be there for Brie.  I totally don't get bridezilla from Brie.  Nikki is being selfish, they both have busy lives, but you can find a way to help Brie out.  You know if the shoe was on the other foot, Nikki would expect Brie to help her out.


I also don't believe Trinity would keep something like that from Jon.  She's always been pretty level headed, so that would've been out of character for her.


I am so jealous of Brie's body.  She looked absolutely gorgeous in all of those wedding dresses.


Ugh, I had to ffwd all the Summer stuff.  She just came off as being desperate.

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A place to discuss particular episodes (that do not have specific episode threads), arcs and moments from Season 1. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for character topics and other places for show-related talk.

Please feel free to start new topics for characters, episodes, media mentions, actors, small talk, etc.

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Is anyone else as sick of seeing shots of Eva walking away from someone as I am? It seems like every conversation she has ends with her spitting out some line she thinks is clever in her monotone voice and walking away. And didn't they show her dealing with not drinking last season when they were in Vegas? She was hanging out with Jojo because she doesn't drink. It's not even slightly believable that they wouldn't know she doesn't drink after being around her for 9 months.  


I just can't stand Eva. She doesn't  want to draw attention to herself. So she doesn't  tell anyone she doesn't  drink. She just mysteriously turns down drinks. Then she starts tearing up and just gets up and leaves without saying anything. Then she spends hours sulking while they drink the next day. Way to make it all about you, Eva. As usual. 


They could have done that whole story with her, with the girls know about it beforehand. She could have still talked about how hard it's been for her and the temptations. I find it hard to care about this when it's been so fake leading up to the 10% part that I think was real. when she talked to them about it by the pool. 


Can we lose the phrase "Brie mode"? PLEASE? And Nikki saying everything is the best and worst ever. I did appreciate her saying she needed to woman up, instead of saying man up. 


Again with the "John will never ask Nikki to marry him! Or will he?" nonsense. If this season doesn't end with him robot-proposing I will be shocked! And what a fairy tale this story is. She was married for years and didn't tell him.  He makes her sign a contract before moving in. Beautiful. Is Nikki's brother in love with Cena too? That seemed to be his main problem with her "secret", that John would be upset.


Why did they bother putting Summer on this show? She's been so one dimensional and they didn't even take her on their trip. They don't get that you can have conflicts without someone being a cartoon character.


Trinity's story sure went by fast. She's already out of the eyepatch. I'm a bit confused. She said she could get back in the ring in 3 weeks. Wasn't she wrestling with the eyepatch on?

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Outing myself as a fan here, but when writing a villain or bad girl, shouldn't that person actually do something bad?


Summer Rae is supposed to be this huge villain, and yet she and Naomi are the most likeable Divas on the show.  The only bad things we've seen Summer do were after the others had already talked shit on her.  And we haven't see any reason for Brie to hate Summer, except for Summer talking to D-Bry.  They haven't show us any reason to hate Summer, they've shown us that Summer just fired back after all the crap that was talked about her, especially by Nattie.


Speaking of Nattie, here's hoping she gets popped again.  Her reaction to Summer getting the part in The Marine 4, and "giving Eva advice" were both actions of someone who is actually the least likeable.  But nope, she's supposed to be the nice one that we're supposed to like.

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I think Trinity had the eye patch on during the match as part of the storyline. They definitely wouldn't clear her to wrestle until she was 100%, but the eye patch drums up the drama. I just love me some Trinity. I think Im ready to start going to matches again. I stopped caring when Edge retired, but these ladies might just bring me back.

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I think they've given us some evidence that Summer Rae is annoying. Confronting Nattie at her own house was ridiculous, and going behind Eva's back to tattle to their mutual boss that she wasn't taking her job seriously was beyond the pale. Of course that's assuming that these things actually happened spontaneously and weren't just part of the scripted nonsense that I suspect comprises 99% of this show.


But I agree that the editors are failing miserably at making Nattie tolerable. And not to be as catty as Summer Rae, but Nattie looks old enough to be mother to all of them, including TJ.

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But I agree that the editors are failing miserably at making Nattie tolerable. And not to be as catty as Summer Rae, but Nattie looks old enough to be mother to all of them, including TJ.


YES!  My sister in law and I were talking about this last night.  Her face looks very off this season, I actually googled her age and was shocked to see how young she actually is.

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Well color me SHOCKED that there was no Cena proposal, I guess that is next season.  Watching the episode there was nowhere to put it in anyway. Though I really did think he would ask her at the wedding reception, and it would be typical Nikki to steal Brie's spotlight lol.


Cameron is SO annoying. 


I was disappointed but not surprised that they skipped the Hall of Fame altogether, since Warrior passed away a couple of days later. 


I love the real moments on the show, like that wedding! and when they were excited to be at Wrestlemania and then anxious that they might get bumped again. 

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The wedding was beautiful, but Brie lost me with the headband she wore at the reception.

Loved Emma suggesting to Summer Rae that she shouldnt be such a bitch to the other girls. Why can't they put her in the cast and get rid of Cameron,who by the way looks terrible with blonde hair.

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I haven't seen the first season of this show so I am not really privy to all these girls shenanigans, I am liking it so far.


Regarding the wedding mania, am I the only one who just can't figure out John Cena? he creeps me out, he is always so calm and collected and in this situation I sort of expected much more of a reaction that what he showed, is he always like this?


He gives me weird vibes

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John is the face of the company, there's no way he'd lose his composure in any way for the cameras. I'm 100% sure he already knew anyway.  Nikki should be more worried that her brother seems to have a crush on her man.


He is, however, very robotic. I've seem him in more relaxed situations and he isn't so bad. I think his brain is always aware of what he means to the whole company though. 

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Brie looked so beautiful in all of her wedding outfits.  I couldn't pull off a head band, but I thought she looked gorgeous.


Glad to see Summer owning that she hasn't done anything to endear herself to the other ladies.  I don't care for Ariane/Cameron or her boyfriend.  I'd like to see her replaced with Emma.

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I don't think they feel like they can leave Ariane out of the show without leaving Naomi out too. I would not approve of that. Maybe over the off season they can break up the team and then leave her out of it. 


I'll miss the show, I wish it had longer seasons. I never ever thought I'd feel that way when it was announced. 

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I love this show!  I recorded an earlier episode that I'd skipped, the one where Natttie paints those HORRIBLE paintings as "gifts" for the Bella girls.  God, that was really hard to watch.  They looked like some kind of jokey cartoon crap painted by a 5-year-old.  I used to think Nattie was just really naive and clueless, but now I think she must also be really stupid to be so deluded about her artistic ability.  And the way she presented the thing to Brian and Brie was really rude, handing them this giant, unruly package, yammering about how awesome she is, and then just walking away, leaving B&B to try to figure out what to do with the damn thing.  They wanted to throw it away but couldn't, so now they have to pay good money to transport the stupid thing back to their house?  Thanks a lot, Nattie.


The wedding was really sweet and the location was amazing.  I want to go to there.


Like most of you, my favorite Divas are Naomi and the Bella twins.  I really dislike Arrianne (irritating and always ON), Summer (pushy back-stabber), Nattie (see above), and Eva Maria (please save me from another g.d. alcoholic).


I hate having every episode in its own thread.  It really constrains the flow of conversation.

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I'd like to see them show more of the training that the girls do.  I don't like Summer and I don't like the way she went about it, but she's right in that Eva sucks.  The times I've seen Eva in action, she's either just pushing someone or slapping them.  She hasn't done anything in the ring that any regular person off the street can't do. It seems like the WWE is trying to push her hard, so they should get on her case about training more. 


Also, Eva says she wants to be a better wrestler, but nothing on the show confirms that.  This is season 2 and she hasn't improved at all.  The incident with Summer should've lit a fire under her to get better and make Summer eat her words.


Nattie and TJ are a weird couple.  They come off more like brother and sister than husband and wife. 

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I liked that Brie had the robe her grandmother gave her mom made into a dress, and she kind of looked like a version of Wonder Woman with that headpiece, but it's her style and she looked beautiful. The wedding itself was beautiful. I liked how intimate it was.

John & Nikki do not seem like a real couple to me. She was scared for him to see her with a chipped tooth. She can't tell him she was previously married. She didn't just come out and say "what's wrong" when they were at dinner in New Orleans. They just feel like two wrestlers who had to be hooked up for storyline purposes. Her family seems pretty familiar with him though.

I actually like Vinnie and his girlfriend, I forget her name! The one who couldn't say I love you. She's learning Armenian for him. He tended to her when she was sick. I just think they're cute.

Totally agree about Nattie & her husband. I can't believe she's supposed to be only 30. Maybe it's her dumb pastel pink with hearts costumes making her look older but she looks rough for 30 if that's her true age.

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Season 3 begins with Nikki planning her future without her current boyfriend John Cena; at the same time, life turns topsy-turvy for Eva when she's forced to choose between family and her husband; and tensions are high when a former diva returns to the roster, revealing a dark secret.


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Nikki will be 31 later this year, a good age to freeze eggs.  Once you are over 35, there is the chance for more birth defects.  Freezing them now would help mitigate some issues.  I think they even suggest doing it before you turn 30, but as long as it's before 35, I think she's okay.

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I never know what to make of this show. Ordinarily I'd say this much sneaking around and inability to be honest with one's partner should be a huge red flag, but the whole conceit of "I'm keeping a major secret from John - shhh, don't tell anyone ...except the millions (or hundreds, rather) of people who will be watching the show) just highlights the artificial nonsense of it all. Of course John will find the syringes next week - it's all on cue as written in the script.

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I know what you mean. My favorite moments are the ones that seem real. Or I assume are real, anyway, like their disappointment when they were bumped off Wrestlemania. I love the moments when Nikki and Brie are joking about stuff, or when Bryan is there because all his stuff seems genuine. While everything involving John seems scripted. Everything with Eva seems fake to me. Same with Natalya and Summer, that's taking the worst parts of the Real Housewives and using it. I


It's so odd how they handle the wrestling storylines too. In the preview, Brie seems to be saying she really quit, and Bryan isn't wrestling so they have no money. What? They don't get paid by the match. But on last night's episode, Nattie is saying she will look out for Rosa, then she has a match with her. If they are friends, why are they fighting? 


Eva's snickering at Rosa was too much. Eva is an awful wrestler. Who is she to laugh at anyone? And shouldn't she have some sympathy for Rosa since last season she was crying about overcoming her alcohol addiction? I don't like to assume every single moment of this show is scripted, while they are following them around I am sure they get some good stuff, so I do wonder if Rosa overhearing them talking about her was a real moment. 


I'll say one thing for Cena, he must really love Nikki to go through this nonsense. 

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I'm sad about Eva's father's cancer, but it's pretty gross that Eva's using that to join her family in browbeating Jonathan into changing his religious beliefs for a ceremony that's purely for show anyways because they've been married for months. It clearly means a lot to Jonathan, so why does Eva's family get to make religion #1 while Jonathan is expected to make it #2?


I'd be embarrassed for Nikki hiding nurses and medication if I thought John didn't actually know already.

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I also find it strange that in my experience families that pride themselves on being religious have the biggest problem letting go of the children when they marry. Even though every marriage sermon, class and book stresses the "leave and cleave" message of Genesis 2:24, this is one area where parents really struggle.


It's sad to see the level of manipulation some parents and families exercise. At the same time, the adult children feel almost powerless to do what they want because they have been raised to obey mom and dad or God isn't pleased with them.

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