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S01.E18: More

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Except for Resnick, I like all the characters on the show. Andrews is one kind of guy at the hospital, but back at the ranch oh wait, you mean you didn't wait too long to get pregnant, the problem is me? I'm hoping that this kind of thing will humble him and that, like Melendez, he'll get a little more mellow. But that doesn't mean that he does any more than tolerate and respect Glassman. Also, he may realize, if he takes over Glassman's job temporarily, how much he misses surgery. 

All the comments about Shaun announcing that he's going to drink, what about the BM announcement? And his thinking that he fooled everyone?

I'm not sure what makes me come back to this show (I watch it On Demand), but I do. So it must be I like the interplay of characters and their growth and all that we can learn about them without their being slammed against the locker when no one is looking and ripping off scrubs. 

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On 4/12/2018 at 10:51 AM, mojito said:

I'm not sure what makes me come back to this show (I watch it On Demand), but I do. So it must be I like the interplay of characters and their growth and all that we can learn about them 

This is my main reason for enjoying this show, too :). I said back when the show first started that I didn't really follow the medical genre (not knocking it or anything like that, just haven't really delved into it much, is all). I was mainly checking this show out for Highmore.

And luckily, not only did I love him on here, but I came to love the rest of the cast/characters on here as well. I'm really glad this show was able to develop into a nice little ensemble series, and we got to see the different kinds of relationships and friendships these people developed along the way. That's the big thing that will keep me watching a show. Give me a good cast of characters who click well with each other and whose stories and lives I'm interested in, and I'm good to go. 

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Hi.  Thanks for adding me.  Love this show - which is not perfect but pretty good.  "More" questions than answers.  If they fire Shaun, they risk a massive EEOC lawsuit.  In fact one of the criticisms I have of the show is that it may actually leave some employers with the view that any of the way that Shaun was treated at the beginning of the series is lawful.  A person in Jessica's role should know that such blatant discrimination is highly unlawful.  So should the large majority of people in the board meeting at the start of the series. 

I wonder if the room full of data and theorems will be seen by Dr Andrews at the beginning of Season 2.  The juxtaposition between "because you were sad" as a explanation for Dr Glassman's emotional state and "going through the cribriform plate crossing the tentorium on the contralateral side..." is stark.  Not just the "good memory" without analysis that is the core of Resnick's lack of respect for Shaun but the ability to synthesize a complex theorem in multiple dimensions.  Shaun himself is "more" in that room than he has been showing throughout the season.  While of course this will not all be not for naught in hopefully many series to come, the viewer doesn't *know* that.  Shore loves those juxtapositions.

Does Shaun need the proximity of an object to trigger his eidetic memories?  Does losing the scalpel mean that he will lose access to those memories? "Perhaps I'll come here when you are dead".  

Overall I'd say this was a beautifully put together set piece.  

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I felt the scalpel was a gift from his brother and he told Shaun then he "was the smart one and not to forget it"  For many people, an object takes on nuances and memories.

The "I love you more" got me at the end and I think I missed what broke up Dr Glassman's family.  The hug was perfect too, like many autistic people, awkward but heartfelt.

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