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S08.E13: Do Not Send Us Astray

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16 hours ago, Nashville said:

After the movie ended, I was preoccupied with something else and didn’t immediately switch off the TV or change the channel - so it was a few minutes before I realized the next thing on the AMC lineup was a re-airing of this TWD episode.

Anyway, a funny thing happened: after watching 3-4 minutes of this episode, I realized I was bored as bluedilly fuck; I didn’t even WANT to watch it a second time.  I ended up flipping over to a run of Grindhouse: Death Proof on another channel.  

My, how are the mighty fallen.

You've got more resolve than I.  I didn't then, and still, feel no desire to watch it a first time.

10 hours ago, AngelaHunter said:

I think The Mist is very good, very suspenseful and scary. I remember being surprised at seeing TWD actors in it when I rewatched a few years back, and I never knew the screenplay was written by Frank Darabont. Interesting.

Pet Sematary and Misery are both very true adapdations of the books, IMO.

I haven't watched The Mist yet, but am looking forward to it at some point.  (looking forward to seeing Laurie Holden again - yes, I am that shallow)

I first watched Pet Sematary when I was really young.  I hated Stephen King (because the movie was based on his book) for a few weeks after that - nightmares and whatnot.  Then, it turns out, I was thought to have been born with spinal meningitis.  Hate the movie or not, the scene where Lewis injects the poison in the re-animated Gage, with the crying and then the "no fair.  no fair." before falling dead is one I have never been able to forget.

I haven't seen the remake, but one of my favorite SK book-to-visual media adaptations was IT.  Really liked the original Salem's Lot too.  Remake was ok, but original was better.

ETA:  I don't remember if I have actually watched The Dark Half (all of it, at least) or not, but I do remember playing the game based off the book on the computer years and years ago.

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Okay, something is wrong. I decided to try and watch this ep, if only to see Tara get shot with an arrow.  Sunday night I fell asleep and now I'm thinking this show emits some sort of soporific through my speakers, because I fell asleep again and woke AGAIN during the "Terror."

"I will not be beaten!" I thought, and rewound once more. I saw... some guy at Hilltop talking to Maggie. She's telling him how lucky they are to have Sadiq, since it seems that tales of his medical prowess have already spread like wildfire through Hilltop and that guy is telling Maggie they're lucky to have her. I"m not sure why, but anyway - skipping past all the silly, synchronized carnage in the dark, zombie taking a header down the stairs and we see everyone barging into Tara's room which looks like it's been lifted straight from "Gone with the Wind". Admirable that she takes the time during "ALL OUT WAR" and other stressors to make her bed so neatly. They use candlelight, but have power enough to keep a bunch of digital clocks going. They are all blah blah blah, whatever and GODDAM it, Daryl! Stop placing that one lock of hair directly over your right eye. It's annoying the shit out of me and how can you properly see to shoot anyone and - but the thing is, I never saw Tara get shot and I simply cannot watch this again. Hearing Simon say, "Big sloppy wet kiss" (even though I know that is one of the expressions men use when talking to each other in the midst of battle, even a stupid battle like this one)once is way more than enough.

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43 minutes ago, AngelaHunter said:

I never saw Tara get shot and I simply cannot watch this again

That's a very good decision.  I did watch it.  Even after reading the spoilers first and knowing that I was supposed to see Dwight shoot Tara with an arrow, I can't say that I actually saw this happen with my own eyes.  The whole scene, which lasted maybe a minute or two, was (per usual) shot in darkness.   I barely realized it was Tara that Simon and Dwight were sneaking up on.  In perhaps a total of one or two seconds, you see Dwight and Simon pause in their pursuit, and you see Tara fall, evidently shot.  As I watched it, I couldn't have told you which of the two, Dwight or Simon, shot Tara.  And I couldn't have told you she was shot with an arrow, as opposed to a gun, a slingshot or a thrown knife.  Really, for all I could actually see, Tara could have just fainted and fallen down, and not been shot at all.

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On ‎3‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 5:36 PM, AngelaHunter said:

What about "Thinner" (movie version)? Saw it once and didn't like it. Watched again recently and liked it more.

From what I remember, it was pretty close to the book.  AFAIC, the best movie adaptation of a King Book is The Dead Zone with The Shining being a very close 2nd.  Cujo was decent as well, but I liked in the book how they described what the poor dog was thinking and how he really didn't want to bite people :(  The worst adaptation, big or small screen, has to be none other than Under the Dome!

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It's kind of sad that the other day I started this ep and stopped about 10 mins in.  Today, I got halfway and stopped.  It's gotten so damn boring.  I don't want it to be, but there you have it.  Recently, I just started Game of Thrones and this in light of that is just.......I don't have words. :(

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Edited this because I didn't realize how many others mentioned Carol needs to have Henry look at the flowers. lol

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The Cable Live +7 ratings are in for "Do Not Send Us Astray":

“The Walking Dead” increased from a 3.0 to a 4.7 rating, with 10.615 million viewers after a week of delayed viewing.


Here are the Live + Same Day, Live +3, and Live +7 ratings for Season 8 so far:

10-22-17 “Mercy” 11.439 million; 15.047 million; 15.736 million
10-29-17 “The Damned” 8.923 million; 12.247 million; 13.096 million
11-05-17 “Monsters” 8.519 million; 12.086 million; 13.007 million
11-12-17 “Some Guy” 8.688 million; 12.361 million; not reported
11-19-17 “The Big Scary U” 7.845 million; not reported; not reported
11-26-17 “The King, The Widow, & Rick” 8.282 million; 11.878 million; 12.727 million
12-03-17 “Time For After” 7.468 million; 10.737 million; 11.627 million
12-10-17 “How It’s Gotta Be” 7.885 million; 11.510 million; 12.126 million

02-25-18 “Honor” 8.282 million; not reported; not reported
03-04-18 “The Lost or the Plunderers” 6.820 million; 9.894 million; 10.632 million
03-11-18 “Dead or Alive Or” 6.604 million; not reported; 10.060 million
03-18-18 “The Key” 6.663 million; 9.761 million; 10.435 million
03-25-18 “Do Not Send Us Astray” 6.774 million; not reported; 10.615 million

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