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Notes from the Mod

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Hello, and welcome to the forum for  The Terror.

Some housekeeping - AMC is dropping all ten episodes on their AMC Premiere service, so all episode topics are available. For those watching ahead of the scheduled airing, please be sure to limit discuss to the episode at hand; for example, do not discuss episode 5 in the episode 4 topic. Posts that break this rule will be removed.

For those watching on the scheduled broadcast dates, please note going into the episode you have not seen may very well spoil you.

Thank you! Please PM me if you have any questions at @saoirse.

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Just bumping this as a reminder that all the episodes have been available since before the show premiered, so entering episode topics may spoil you.

Also, a reminder that if you have questions, to either PM me, or if you think there is a problem post, to use the report button; posts that talk about moderation actions will be removed - this is pretty standard policy at Primetimer, and since we all do this as a volunteer gig, we're not always around and/or aware that there may be issues during day. Thank you!

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