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S02.E09: Suspicious Objects

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Joel and Sheila learn that the clampocalypse may hit sooner than they thought. Anne accepts constructive criticism like a pro.


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Loved the clam breeder's response to her building getting blown up. Can't remember the exact quote, but that was hilarious. 

I wish there were more than ten episodes. 

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I loved Joel doing his nervous smile right next to the painting of him doing the nervous smile.

I don't know how hot a fire that a rocket launcher makes, but what are the chances that the clams haven't been incinerated?

Abby's flirting with Sven was soooooo hilariously bad.

Joel asking Ruby where she got her clam seeds cracked me up, as did Joel's "Whoa, nutmeg?" due to the fact that every fucking time Rachael Ray adds nutmeg to anything she feels obligated to tell us that it adds that little extra something and makes people ask, "Hmm what is that?"

Loved Rick's sensitivity training. And Eric's last night on earth wish is to eat a pomegranate? Think bigger, man!

I was screaming along with Joel, Sheila, Abby, and Eric when the red clam ate the other clam.

I loved that Sheila told Joel that it wasn't his fault that she turned into a zombie, despite the white lie that caused them to go to Jopopo's that night.

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Love that everything they do to try and throw Anna off the scent, pushes her more firmly to follow it.

Abby and Eric work so well together.  I really want to see Abby v. christian again.

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