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Little Thieves on the Prairie

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Seems like the Ingalls have "sticky fingers". First, Laura steals a music box belonging to Nellie. Albert,  before becoming an Ingalls, steals newspaper money & a kerosene lamp.  James Cooper uses Albert's razor after being told hands off, breaks it, so proceeds to steal a new one from the mercantile.  He was caught by Albert because James did not know that Albert's had a nick in the blade.   And who knows all what Carrie stole, she wasn't worth the screen time to show us. 

What always irritates me is when they are caught stealing, instead of saying "I was wrong, I should not have stolen that.", they all say "I didn't mean it!".  That makes no sense at all. They didn't mean what...to steal the item? They were in a candy black out & took the item without realizing it?  All of the items were stolen with full knowledge that they were taking something that did not belong to them.  The only one that I understood the "need" to steal was Albert.  

Is just always irritates me to hear Laura and James crying "I didn't mean it, Pa!" when they were caught.

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