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S08.E09: Honor – Pre-Air Speculation And Live Chat

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Kind of gross the way they are talking about it on TD given the way it apparently went down? I think he's lucky to be off the show though.

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1 minute ago, nodorothyparker said:

So in whose fantasy is it that Negan's happily growing vegetables?

and still able to talk

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2 minutes ago, AimingforYoko said:
  Reveal hidden contents

It's a spoiler from the comics. 

But that doesn't make sense.



How can Carl know something that happens after he dies?

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Just now, SimoneS said:

I think that this was my last episode for a long time to come.

Me too.  I was giving the show one last chance, but it is just awful now.  Been that way for about 2 seasons.

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I am surprised that the show resisted showing Negan married to Maggie and raising Glenn's baby.

Fuck off, Gimple and Kirkman. That fucker Negan should fucking die.

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