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S02.E11: Grief

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Aaron and Hannah are in an explicitly defined boss - subordinate employment relationship...She should be transferred before they hook up...which makes Seth & Emily even more egregious from an HR perspective....

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Has nobody ever BEEN to Cuba?

The Cubans have a universal draft. Most young men serve in the army .

Cuba supplies both soldiers and medical personnel to the United Nations for peacekeeping (And for relief work. Also agricultural technicians. University grads put in a few years in their professions in a similar situation.)

So not only does Cuba have a large standing army, but they are experienced fighters.

They spend a lot of time patrolling roads when they are home. The country would be better off if they were re-building roads, but Cuba lacks petroleum.

And the 'rebels' were to the LEFT of the Communist government? Why not a more believable gang supported by right-wing Cuban-Americans? And 40,000 rebels? From a population of 11.5 million, half of them under 20 and half of them women? That's less than 3 million adult men, and some of those are over 65.

DH says I can only yell at the screen during commercials.

Nice to see ActionGirl in sensible shoes.

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On 3/6/2018 at 1:09 PM, greyhorse said:

So confusing.

The Cuban rebel was getting old, and looking to cash in his IRA (bad pun, I know).  He was willing to sell out the other guerillas for a huge payday from the Cuban government, financed by the American mogul, who was looking for an in with the government for nefarious development schemes.  Alas, our hero overheard them. 

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Hopefully Alex’s death will be a start on a new conspiracy by the end of the season and Maggie will be following a solid good conspiracy again. We can only hope

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