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S04.E11: The Great Divide

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Some forms of exercise are not for everyone and Sally vows never to return after she tries her first spin class with Jackie. Gamble finally reveals her anniversary surprise for Rick and her hard work pays off as it brings him to tears. The tears continue when Sally and her extended family scatter her husband Ian's ashes. Lydia hosts a dinner for the girls and the night descends into chaos after Lydia attempts to say a few words about each of the girls.

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If I could say something  to the cast:

Bye Gina, don’t let the door hit you on your way out! Please take that weird little woman Venus with you.

Janet, grab a drink and keep doing you!

Jackie, I believe in your abilities, but you were a bit of a fence sitter this year.

Thankyou Sally and Gamble for sharing such touching moments from your lives...very moving.

ps. I forgot about Lydia, which says it all really zzzzzzz!

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I can't stand Janet, someone was right to call her out for being the oldest yet not a bit wise or mature. She needs to lay off my girl Lydia's looks -- how is it the most unfortunate looking one in the group has the gall to talk about someone else's appearance? She's lucky I'm just some poor schlub in America and not some Melbourne socialite or I'd be all up in her grill with comparisons to Skeletor and the Cryptkeeper. I'm glad she didn't get seriously hurt in her drunken stupor so we can all laugh at what a drunk idiot she is.

I can't stand the rest of her posse either. Jackie sneaked in an underhanded dig at Lydia about her finally doing something productive. Jackie, at least have the courage to stand by what you say without pretending to mean it in a nice way; be the bitch that you are openly instead of being a sneaky bitch. Sally's a bore on a high horse, I hope she's a one-and-done. I liked Gamble when she was fun and ditzy but now that she's one of Skeletor's minions she can go away unless she's going to make nice and be fun again.

LOL, I have no idea what Lydia was thinking with those speeches, but after the pummeling the real dark side gave her all season, I'll let her have her little digs. Her cooking class doesn't make sense to me, though, if the students aren't actually going to get to cook?

Gina can be sooo cringey but I love her anyway. I also don't see Gina sitting on the "wog bitch" comment for 5 days without bringing it up, but then why would Lydia help her lie about it? The two lawyer castmembers don't seem to be too married to the truth so it's honestly not a stretch for me to believe that she's lying but it's all super confusing.

I started out not liking Venus but she grew on me by the end. I hope she sticks around and gets her McLaren.

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I´ve always hated Janet, she just gets worse and worse, but she´s someone that I like to hate. She so nuts and deranged, in a fun way. Gina is my fave, simply because this group has always tried to gang up on her to bring her down since season 1. They rotate, one leaves and another one takes it´s place, but Janet´s minions are always so vile, lame and nasty to her, without any real results.

Jackie has the best body I´ve ever seen, BUT-HER-FACE... that´s something else and she looked straight up ugly this season. She´s got an awful personality, loud and annoying, although kind of smart, but the angels stuff is so cringy and horrible.

This is the first season that I didn´t hate Lydia, so yay for that I guess.

Gamble was amazing when she was singing to her wolfie. I wish she and Gina would become friends again, they both behaved badly and should apologize to each other and try to leave the past in the past.

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