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Season 1 Live Feed Summary

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Fan vote selects VIP PoV - option to remove up to two Block nominees, if used.

Ross wins PoV.

  1. VIP PoV #1: Ross takes self off Block.
  2. Omarosa names Metta as replacement nom.
  3. VIP PoV #2: Ross elects not to use.


Final Block noms: Metta, Brandi.

  • VTE Metta:  Ross, James, Mark, Ari, Marissa.
  • VTE Brandi: none.

Metta evicted 5-0.


Remaining schedule:

  • Wednesday (2/21): HoH, PoV.
  • Friday (2/23): Double eviction.
  • Sunday (2/25): Final HoH/PoV, triple eviction, Finale.
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Ross wins PoV, takes self off Block; Omarosa names James as a replacement nominee.

Final Block nominees: Marissa, James.

Eviction vote:

  • VTE James: Ariadna, Ross.
  • VTE Marissa: Mark.

James evicted 2-1.

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Final vote to win CBB:

  • Votes for Marissa: Ariadna, Omarosa, James, Shannon, Keshia, Chuck.
  • Votes for Ross: Mark, Brandi, Metta.

Marissa wins Celebrity Big Brother by a 6-3 vote.


America’s Favorite Houseguest: Ross.

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