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Things I've Learned from The Alienist

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You need to follow something to the darkest pit of hell to understand it.

An off-gassing corpse can provide ambient lighting.

Alienists could also double as gynecologists when the need arose.

Being psychoanalyzed by co-workers is nothing new.

Steamed treacle pudding.


Feel free to add to the list.

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When visiting an unfamiliar child brothel owned and operated by criminals while in a state of extreme drunkenness, always keep your eye on your drink. 

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--Socialist meetings were a lot more fun back in the 1890’s.

--Being roofied and assaulted in a brothel by numerous young men is something that leaves no psychological scars whatsoever, doesn’t merit further discussion, and is apparently a good punchline for a joke.

--Stopping drinking and totally changing one’s lifestyle in the hopes that a potential romantic partner marry you is not at all unhealthy; but a great idea that will lead to successful recovery from alcoholism, the erasure of deep childhood psychological wounds, and long term happiness.

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On 3/30/2018 at 6:36 PM, raven said:

A large chalkboard is indispensable in solving crimes.

Trial & Error fans repeat after me:  "Murder Board!  Murder Board!  Murder Board!"

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