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S01.E02: Nominations #1

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13 hours ago, ghoulina said:

Can we get superficial for a minute? What is WRONG with Mark Mcgrath? What the fuck did he do to himself?  Bordering on Ray Liotta  status.  He and Chuck are only one year apart, and Chuck gets hit in the face for a living....yet he looks much younger and more handsome than Mark. Let this be a lesson to you, boys. Punches, good. Scalpels, bad. 

Right?! And I love me some Sugar Ray but it's almost as if his skin barely fits around his face.

By the way, I would bet money that every single one of those gift bags had the recast power inside.

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11 hours ago, seacliffsal said:

She certainly wasn't telling anyone to be worried when she was on Say Yes to the Dress and got a FREE dress for being part of Trump's administration. 

How about inviting her TWENTY THREE bridesmaids to the White House for wedding photos?


To me, the more genuine Omarosa was the one saying "People will now have to bow down to Donald Trmp" and promising to keep track of the names on his enemies list.

So she can weep her sad crocodile tears over "duty to country" all she wants.  Anyone following WH politics and the rotating cast of characters knows exactly why her access to the Oval Office had to be curtailed.

This?  This is just keeping her name in the news while some ghostwriter taps away furiously on her book, her "next chapter" indeed.

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I think it was this episode I have a question about - Is Marissa bisexual?  I'm asking because of the scene where Ross talks about being dismissed by some of the girl alliance, either because they're ignoring him or don't even look at him as a man.  Anyway, Marissa started talking about being shut out too, and at first I thought she was referring to being overweight.  Then she mentioned "our community" which confused me because she's married to a man.  I'm guessing she's bisexual or Ross is Jewish, and that's the community she's referring to?

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I was confused by Marissa's "community" statement as well.  As best I could figure, she was referring to her sense that people in the entertainment field tend to be more progressive, but that was an interpretation on my part.

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On 2/9/2018 at 11:14 AM, backformore said:

I agree.   her relationship with Cosby was rooted in her childhood.   It's a different situation entirely.

Give it time.   Brandi was on a cooking competition,"My Kitchen Rules", and rumor has it she hooked up with the female judge, Cat Cora.   If there's any hooking up in the BB house, my money is on Brandi. 

Brandi also hooked up with Calum Best on "Famously Single" last year. Ironically, one reason she & Calum didn't work out was because of his own issues with alcohol. God help me If she ends up on Dancing with the Stars next! 

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6 hours ago, Winston9-DT3 said:

I was curious where I knew her from so I googled Brandi DWTS (since virtually everyone else on this show has been on that) and saw reports of that show turning her down in recent years.  

So relieved to hear that! I don't have to worry about her ever "dancing" on my TV. She probably turned it down because she wouldn't have any time at all to drink!

Predicting it now: Mark McGrath and/or Omarosa will end up doing DWTS during its next season or the one after it.

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On 2/8/2018 at 8:47 PM, Bronzedog said:

Anyone believing Omarosa?  Anyone?

Do I believe her?

Mostly not.


I know that sounds like hedging but my logic is this. I think even a stopped clock is right two times per day. She is that proverbial stopped clock in a few (minor) ways. For example, as much as I despise Omarosa on almost every level, she's not wrong about Keisha and her position relative to Cosby being in a strange way similar to herself and Trump. What's a flat out lie, because Omarosa is a flat our liar, is that she's this "super loyal person" who was there because she was devoted to him, but somehow magically at the same time "there for the country". No. Both ends of that are a lie.   She's not actually devoted to him, nor was she there for the country. She was there for Omarosa and noone else. But she's actually slightly correct that from the outside at least, the optics of these two famous African-American women standing by men who are absolute monsters has an eerie similarity, and transfers to them a similar feeling of loathing from the general population. The difference being that Keisha founded this loyalty as a kid towards a semi-father figure and so maybe it's understandable on some level. Omarosa's alleged loyalty to Trump meanwhile, if real, would be from a time in her life when she was a responsible adult, plus well... as I said before she's definitely lying about being loyal to him anyway. Her position relative to Trump was her trying to use him, just like he was using her (or at least her gender and color and his delusion that this would look good to the outside world).

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