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Quotes: "I Only Hate Sunburns and Hangovers."

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Will: The only real success I've had is writing with somebody else.

Gunnar: Hmmm, if only you knew more people to write songs with.

Scarlett: I know, right? Like his CMA award winning songwriting friend who is also his roommate.


Autumn: You're not the only Harvard girl at this table. Harvard Elementary - Houston, Texas.

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Deacon: No, Daphne. Maddie made her choices and this is not your responsibility.


Will: He did say he's into cars and football and grilling and stuff so he's straight.

Avery: You like those things, Will.


Scarlett: I never knew a bunch of hot rocks could be so relaxing.

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Rayna: I'm sitting in a prison hoping to run into my daughter.

Scarlett: I need a drink.

Gunnar: Since when do you travel with a bottle of 18 year old Scotch?
Scarlett: Since I found out Autumn was a lying backstabbing cougar.

Scarlett: I was just a face in the crowd that day,

Gunnar: You remembered me.

Scarlett: Well that's because you were the only boy I'd ever heard sing as high as me.

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Juliette: I hate coming to things like this by myself. No offense.
Emily: None taken.

Luke: If they're going to stand out there chanting all night, the least they could do is make it rhyme.

Scarlett: You can't just give up, Deacon. You have to keep trying. If you can't get Rayna to listen to you, maybe you need to show her that you're sorry.
Deacon: I have called her. I have texted her. I have scrubbed graffiti off every damn building in Nashville. I think I've shown her.
Scarlett: Okay, I say this with love but court mandated community service does not exactly drive your point home.

Scarlett: That right there doesn't sound like somebody's who's sorry. In fact, it sounds like you're really not sorry. If you want people to believe that you're sorry then you'd better start by actually being sorry.

Maddie: I'm emancipated, which is awesome! I mean [Juliette] did it and it turned out great!

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Avery: Noah West is here? Wow, that's fast.
Cadence: Well, not really. We've known each other for a while.
Avery: And you think it's alright for him to be around Cadence already?
Juliette: Avery, he's a good guy. And Cadence is too young to understand - which is why I've never had a problem with her spending time with Layla.

Juliette: I'm pretty sure Tommy Boy is the best buddy comedy of all time.

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Layla: I had to show you who she really is. She's a horrible human being!

Avery: What do you mean, "show me"? Oh, my God. This ... whole nightmare that she's wrapped up in -- it was you, wasn't it? Okay: You're crazy, and we're done!

Sandman: I think I love you!

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Layla: I can't believe you're even seriously still considering going [to LA]. I mean, what does it take for you to see that she hasn't changed? She's done something awful.
Avery: Proof. And so far there isn't any.

Luke: So what are you [and Kevin] these days?
Will: Somewhere between exes and friends, I guess.
Luke: That's too bad. I always thought y'all were pretty great together, both personally and musically. In my experience, that doesn't happen too often.
Will: You talking about Rayna?
Luke: Hell no!

Juliette: I make a mistake, everyone rushes in to cover for me, and it just magically goes away.
Glenn: Well, that's what you pay your PR team for.

Rayna: No young woman should have to feel pressured or shamed or tricked into a sexual situation by any man, especially the ones we're supposed to trust.

Juliette: I guess I ruined all your hard work.
Glenn: Not the first time, probably won't be the last.

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Avery, with the line I've wanted to hear for weeks, to Layla: "You're crazy-and we're done."

Two truth bombs for the price of one! 

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On 2016-05-26 at 4:46 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Juliette: I guess I ruined all your hard work.

Glenn: Not the first time, probably won't be the last.

Call me sentimental, but it's Glenn's next line that does it for me: "But I've never been more proud."

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On Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 1:38 PM, DollEyes said:

Avery, with the line I've wanted to hear for weeks, to Layla: "You're crazy-and we're done."

Two truth bombs for the price of one! 

My personal favorite show line of the series.

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Deacon: I'm a dinosaur.
Rayna: But you're a handsome dinosaur.

Zach: We have virtuous food, evil good food, and drinks across the spectrum of self-destruction.

Scarlett: This is nothing more humbling than trying to be a creative person. You basically feel like a failure all the time. But when someone picks me up  when I fall, I feel like the luckiest person on earth. We call that collaboration.

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Scarlett: You know when you can't enjoy what you got because you can't stop thinking about how bad it was when you didn't have it and so you're kind of bracing for that and then you end up screwing up all of the moments? That make sense?
Deacon: Far too much.

Deacon: Rayna wants to do another album.
Scarlett: That's great!
Deacon: With me.
Scarlett: And...what?
Deacon: And I think she needs to get someone bigger like McGraw or Stapleton or someone that people know or care about. At this point, Luke Wheeler would be a better choice than my ass.
Scarlett: You know, I really love you but sometimes you are a real idiot.
Deacon: There seems to be a mounting consensus to that effect.
Scarlett: The love of your life wants to make music with you and she could do it with whoever she wants, but she wants to do it with you.
Deacon: She wants to do a concept album about our relationship.
Scarlett: That sounds amazing.
Deacon: Well, great, why don't you see if she'll do one with you?
Scarlett: Are you going to give up songwriting?
Deacon: No, Scarlett, no.
Scarlett: What the hell else are you going to write about? Bunnies and daisies and crap? Beer? You're the one who's always telling me the pain is a gift.
Deacon: Yeah, well, let me clarify - your pain is your gift. My pain is just painful.

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Pretty sure Bunnies and Daisies and Crap could be the title of Layla's next album.

But has anyone EVER said "I'd love to hack your cloud about it"? I'm with Rayna (and her "You'd like to what my who now?" face).

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Ashley: What do you think?
Deacon: Me?
Ashley: Yeah. You've been doing this for, like, a hundred years, haven't you?
Deacon: This April.

Barista: Okay, so do you want extra whip on your non-fat vanilla latte with caramel drizzle?
Maddie: I have no idea what any of that means, so go for it.

Deacon: What's that thing she's doing with her voice?
Avery: I don't know. She was doing it yesterday too. It's like what Britney Spears used to do.
Deacon: It sounds like she's choking.
Ashley's friend: I know. Isn't it cool?
Avery: We gotta get rid of it.
Ashley's friend: Good luck. It's her thing. Everyone loves it.

Avery: Do you think we could go again?
Ashley: Why?
Avery: I'd like to try a few without that vocal thing that you're doing.
Ashley: Which one? What vocal thing?
Avery: It's like a catch thing, like you've got something stuck in your throat.
Ashley: Oh. That's called emotion.

Maddie: Why are you treating everyone like this? We are all just trying to help you. Do you even realize how lucky you are? You should be having the time of your life right now instead of whining about everything and being a total bitch.

Avery: I just came back for my coffee grinder.
Gunnar: Not the coffee grinder! How am I supposed to wake up in the morning?
Avery: Buy a new one?

Gunnar: I heard you quit on that Willerman chick yesterday.
Avery: Yeah, I think I have PTSD.
Will: Not much luck with the girls you produce. First Layla, now her.
Gunnar: Don't forget Sadie Stone. She killed a guy.
Will: You're a wacko magnet.
Avery: Thanks for the support, guys.

Maddie: Can I ask you something?
Daphne: Sure.
Maddie: Am I turning into a bitch?
Daphne: ....Kind of.

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Will: You don't have to come to every show I play.
Kevin: What if I want to?
Will: You hate those loud clubs.
Kevin: I don't hate them. I just don't like them.

Juliette: You have a look on your face.
Avery: It's just my face.

Will: If they're homophobic, why would we want to live here?
Kevin: Hardwood floors, underground parking, incredible views!

Will: [Kevin] does this thing we saw on an documentary about penguins - touch foreheads. That's how they kiss.
Avery: That's nauseating.
Will: Yeah, I know.

Avery: Will, listen, I can't tell you if you should stay with Kevin but I can tell you never in the history of the world has moving in together made things easier. Believe me, it only gets harder. If you love the person, it's worth it.

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Damian: What would you do to people if there were no consequences?
Scarlett: Probably the same thing I do now, honestly.

Rayna: Where are you going?
Maddie: I'm going out to meet a boy.
Deacon: What's his name?
Maddie: Clay. He's a musician.
Rayna: Oh, that's nice.
Deacon: Is it?

Clay: I think we're tiptoeing around the bigger issue here.
Maddie: What issue?
Clay: That you're white and I"m-
Maddie: Really? That?
Clay: Yeah, that.
Maddie: I don't even see what that has to do with anything.
Clay: The fact that you can't see what I'm talking about, that's a part of the problem.

Damian: What are you trying to do in this scene?
Scarlett: Make him jealous.
Damian: Then why does this look like a father-daughter dance?

Damian: I'm asking you to seduce this man with your eyes, your lips, your hands, your pelvis. What's holding you back?
Scarlett: It's not me.
Damian: Elaborate.
Scarlett: I don't do the things you're asking me to do. I don't move the way you're asking me to move, at least not in public.
Damian: And why is that?
Scarlett: It's degrading.
Damian: You think that if you behave in a certain way, people will value you less, that they'll call you names, you'll be diminished. But in fact, there have been female artists from Isadora Duncan to Madonna who have claimed power and pleasure by embracing sexuality on their own terms. So what I need you to do is quiet the voice in your head that says, "Shame," and just own it, okay?
Scarlett: What if I don't want to?
Damian: How's that?
Scarlett: This is a music video. It's not a therapy session. I'm sick of you treating me like it's the other way around.
Damian: Why can't it be both?
Scarlett: Because you're not a shrink! You're just some dude with screwed up views about women all being secret sexpots and it's your spiritual journey to awaken it in all of us.
Damian: To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Maddie: Last night [Clay] was mean for no reason.
Juliette: Then you should take him at face value and move on. Maddie, if a guy's not treating you right, that doesn't mean that there's some sweeter, nicer version of him under there and it's your job to try to find him. Trust me, I've been down that road too many times to count.
Maddie: If it's so obvious then why have you done it so many times?
Juliette: Because screwed up men are sexy until they're not.

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Allyson: [My dad's] exact words were, "God doesn't make mistakes."
Juliette: No!
Allyson: It's okay. I told him, "Well, God must have known what he was doing when he made me trans."

Maddie: You guys clearly hate [Clay] because he's black.
Rayna: Are you kidding me right now?

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Scarlett: Do you ever wish you'd done something completely different with your life?
Gunnar: Like becoming an astrophysicist?

Rayna: You can't just order a person to go to sleep. That's not how it works.

Rayna: They say love is a story and marriage is a conversation.

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Deacon: We should throw [Daphne] a party.

Rayna: A period party?

Deacon: [baffled] Is that not a thing?

Rayna: [tenderly] No, honey; that is not a thing.


Rayna: Do you believe this?

[later] Oh, my goodness! What is it with me and the car accidents?

Ladies and gentlemen, this year's CMT Lampshade-Hanging Award goes to Rayna Jaymes, for her hit single, "The Voice Of The Audience!"

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Bucky: How you feeling?
Rayna: Like I got hit by a truck.

Rayna: Just because [Gunnar]'s miserable and he says he's going to fight for you doesn't mean he's the one for you.

Rayna: I think sometimes as women, in relationships we let ourselves be the object. A man says he loves you and that's it. That's love, like he gets to choose. But we get to choose too. We get to choose to be happy because we deserve it.

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On 1/27/2017 at 8:50 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Maddie: Last night [Clay] was mean for no reason.

Juliette: Then you should take him at face value and move on. Maddie, if a guy's not treating you right, that doesn't mean that there's some sweeter, nicer version of him under there and it's your job to try to find him. Trust me, I've been down that road too many times to count.

Maddie: If it's so obvious then why have you done it so many times?
Juliette: Because screwed up men are sexy until they're not.

This was one of my favorite interactions of most of s5a, because it felt like it should be told to every girl and woman, because it's often so true. I also liked how the conversations finished out with saying that not every mistake needs to be experienced by you. I think there is some collective dating wisdom that gets lost because people are told that there is always an opportunity to change or hidden selves to dsicover. When in fact, most of the time, most people don't change and somethings are just the way people are. It's not that people shouldn't be given chances, but sometimes open eyes are almost as important as open hearts. 

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Will: Which one of these [black t-shirts] should I wear?
Gunnar: They're exactly the same.
Will: No, they're not the same. I gotta look cool.
Gunnar: Oh, for Zach?
Will: Shut up. I'm completely nervous about this.
Gunnar: What are you worried about? You're not that bad live.

Maddie: How'd it go today? Your session?
Daphne: She thinks she knows why I'm so messed up.
Maddie: Why?
Daphne: Because living with you would drive anyone insane.

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