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S01.E13: Costs of War


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First? Alright!

I was so glad that they didn't do the "we tried but he wasn't being held there/he jumped in front of a bullet to save us/he went turncoat on us" trope. I actually held my breath the whole time they were in the woods, then when they got in the chopper. I didn't relax until Jimmy was actually home. Then I looked at the clock and was like "oh hell, it's still early enough for something to happen." His sleeping on the floor was so sad to watch.

I did not expect CIA guy to fold that fast! Like, seriously homie, did you even try? 

As far as Lt. PeterMill's mom, I admit, I didn't see her being the ring-leader. I knew she was involved somehow, but thought she was just covering for Magnus. Also, I think Lt. either knows, or suspects her. When he left, his "goodbye" seemed a little off.

I'm glad frick and frack came clean, even though it cost them their commissions (and military careers) But it's better than a public court-martial and dishonorable discharge. 

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Agreed, the sleeping on the floor thing, actual something I read somewheres that it actually happens, so sad, he has a long way to go yet...

I'm getting a little po'd at Nora, wanting space blah blah blah, 

Porter's mom? Totally knew it!

Wonder if this show will be renewed, hoping it won't turn in to Quantico ...

Frick and Frack....hmmm I like it!

Gee still mad at Nora! Poor Gallo getting the let's be friends, give us space speech

(Shaking my head)

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