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S05.E02: Dangerous Minds

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Taran Killam, Jerry O'Connell and Bob Odenkirk explore the lives of Jack Parsons, occultist cofounder of the Jet Propulsion Lab; W.C. Minor, the man who helped write the Oxford English Dictionary; Rasputin, adviser to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.


Re-tellers: Chris Romano on Rasputin, Doug Jones on W.C. Minor, and Duncan Trussell on Jack Parsons

Role players: Taran Killam as Jack Parsons, Jerry O'Connell as Rasputin, Kevin Farley as James Murray, Brendan Sexton III as Felix, Ashley Johnson as Sara Northrup, Eric Edelstein as L. Ron Hubbard, Bob Odenkirk as W.C. Minor


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I was pleasantly surprised to find no serious screw-ups in the Jack Parsons story. The narrator did get Aleister Crowley's name right (not the way Ozzy Osbourne says it) and his description of sex magick was more or less correct. It's downright criminal that Parsons doesn't get the scientific recognition today that he deserves. 

BTW, Crowley's "Hymn to Pan" goes like this: https://library.hrmtc.com/tag/hymn-to-pan/ 

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Is the split screen with the narrator a new thing? I only recall seeing it last week for the first time. 

The first narrator wasn't that good for me, well, I guess borderline, but he talked enough that the actors had a lot to work with. JOC and the actors really killed it with his physical expressions. 

I just don't like sloppy drunks. I don't care about swearing at all, but every other word was a beep in the sketch and it got annoying. 

All of the actors were really good. I love the woman that's in there all the time. 

Derek was hilarious as AC. 

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