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Top Chef Season 16



The 15 chefs competing this season are:

Eric Adjepong - Washington, DC
Sara Bradley - Paducah, KY
Kelsey Barnard Clark - Dothan, AL
Edmund "Eddie" Konrad - Philadelphia, PA
Pablo Lamon - Miami Beach, FL
Natalie Maronski - Philadelphia, PA
Michelle Minori - San Francisco, CA
Nini Nguyen - Brooklyn, NY
Brandon Rosen - San Mateo, CA
Kevin Scharpf - Dubuque, IA
Caitlin Steininger - Cincinnati, OH
Justin Sutherland - St. Paul, MN
David Viana - Asbury Park, NJ
Adrienne Wright - Boston, MA
Brian Young - Boston, MA


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I just got through rewatching All-Stars as well, and I do still find Isabella more offensive. That said, the narrative that Richard had built for himself about how he choked and that's THE ONLY REASON why he lost continues to make me so annoyed. You may have choked, but you also just got plain outcooked, dude. She won challenges on her own merits throughout that season.

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On 1/11/2019 at 11:57 AM, jpgr said:

Saw that this morning, so sad for her. I just got the all clear after stage 3 cancer, so feel this really deeply.

I'm so happy for you. And so sad for Fatima.

Cancer SUCKS.

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I just finished reading a book this morning where the protagonist dies of cancer and now this news. No matter how expected it still hits like a sucker punch. She was such a sunny personality and great talent. It just sucks.

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11 hours ago, Giselle said:

I would hope that someone takes up the task of publishing some of her recipies, with her family's permission of course.

She said in an article she wrote last year that her brother was collecting them (she was making something new each day for a while), so I'm sure we'll see them published at some point.

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Gail was in Israel recently on a Celebrity Chef Birthright trip. Many, many chefs were there too ( Jonathan Waxman, Nancy Silverton, even Leah from season 5.) . Also there was my fave, Eden Grinshpan, host of Top Chef Canada, who is good friends with Gail (both are from Toronto). Lots of photos in Eden’s  highlights on Instagram. Check her out at edeneats. 

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Kelsey is on the Pack Your Knives podcast. They have also had Eric, Sara, Justin and Brian. No spoilers up through the current episode.

Kelsey mentioned that she initially auditioned for last season but got pregnant. She also mentioned that this season they weren’t allowed to have watches! 

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I don’t like mixing the old with the new. The repeat chefs clearly have an advantage knowing how things work.

I think that's true only in the few initial challenges. Of the seasons, where they've had returning chefs, only the Charleston season had the returning chefs (John, Brooke, Shirley and Sheldon) dominating the final 4. And in that case I think it was more due to the caliber of the returning chefs rather than the advantage of knowing how things work. 

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Padma needs to lay off the Botox, but I think her expression in that photo is just a result of it being snapped at an inopportune moment. Her dress is a tad tight through the hips, but damn she looks chic and hot at the same time.

Gail is lovely, as always. I applaud her for going for it fashion-wise, but the top of that dress looks kind of like a torture device to me.

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