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Fish Mooney: A Shark or a Remora?

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I want her to kill both Maroni and Falcone.

I assume Oswald will eventually take her out but not easily as he hopes he can though.

Her taking out Falcone and Maroni is unlikely, but I do expect her to be eaten for dinner by the Penguin at some point. She seems to be one of the only expendable characters (pretty much everyone else has to be kept alive).

I do have this strange feeling that she could kill Mama Cobblepot though.

I wasn't very fond of her barking about family, etc. after she just got done betraying Falcone (whom she was part of a "family" of sorts). It seemed a little hypocritical to me.

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It was precisely because Fish was using "family" that I marveled at her adamantium balls!  I have idly wondered about her captors, thinking it would be humorous if it was Falcone, ultimately, as her kidnapper.  Especially after her speech last night, I kind of wanted him to slow clap and reveal himself. 


I think Fish's story is going to be darker, but a call to family and hope tend to work on folks with (seemingly) neither, so it was very savvy of Ms. Mooney.

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I think this show could defy canon and she could ultimately take out Falcone. Maroni might have to stay long to facilitate another villain's story though.


In the end it could be just her and Oswald, with the latter eventually succeeding but after some sluggish moments with her, the last few episodes have sort of rejuvenated Fish as a character for me.

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I guess we were so much in shock about Fish's eye that we forgot to mention it in her thread. :p

She gained a whole new level of respect for me by doing that, even though I didn't really want to see it. Maybe she turns to the good side seeing how evil Gotham can get

or maybe she turns into Deathstroke, who wears a patch

. There are options.

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I doubt she'll turn into Deathstroke... an eyepatch does not make one a highly trained ex-military super-soldier.

Deathstroke is the only Batman villain (that I know of) with an eye patch, hence the connection.

They have played fast and loose with the canon before (such as changing Poison Ivy's name) so I think it could still be possible.

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