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S29.E10: Haw-Haw Land

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The Simpsons go to a STEM conference; Lisa falls for a crooning jazz pianist (Ed Sheeran); Bart discovers he has an affinity for chemistry.

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Title: Abe 2017 out, Maggie 2018 in

Looks like we're in for a musical episode. So many familiar faces, like Jacques. Weird to see cats singing on this show, even if its for a song number.

I need to know the names of all the booths at the STEM conference, there were lots of good ones. Stuff like Printable Soup reminded me of the Chili Cookoff, and I consider that a good thing. Speaking of background gags, Krusty met up with a lady clown to trade monkeys, and Frink's still with his robot wife (who is pregnant).

Ed Sheeran is essentially Milhouse if he had talent. And confidence. No wonder Lisa's smitten. "Lisa, you sure know a lot of weird guys." Understatement, Brendan. I'm happily surprised that it was Nelson fighting with the Boy of The Week instead of Milhouse. I'm with Ed Sheeran, I'm shocked that there was even a choice between him and Nelson. Getting Brendan out of the show was TOO clean.

Spider-Pig is making meth with Cletus? How the mighty have fallen.

The "Flanders Finger" is a thumbs-up WITHOUT a friendly wink. Love it.

While I liked that Bart would get in to chemistry, again Marge ruins the plot. She knows it's essentially a coin flip to whether to trust Bart (usually trusting him works out, like it did here), but man, it wa so telegraphed that Bart was innocent. I did like the twist that Bart didn't pour sulfuric acid into Chalmer's drink, but Willie, and he was forgiven because he was trying to poison Skinner. But then he spikes the punch at the end, so I don't know what to think now.

And we end on a "timely" last year's Oscars reference. Of course everyone wants to watch X-Men: Apocalypse over Moonlight (except Lisa).

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Many, many booths at the STEM conference:
-- Alcohology (manned by Moe)
-- Boxing - the Science of the Sweet Science (manned by Dredrick Tatum)
-- The Science of Wonder Woman (manned by one of the Nerds)
-- Nuclear Power (manned by Monty Burns himself)
-- Meth-A-Matics (manned by Cletus)
-- Solar Fracking (unknown)
-- The Math of Itchy and Scratchy (unknown)
-- Dr. Nick's 3 Minute Sex Change (Dr. Nick, of course)
-- Insta-Grandma
-- Assisted Suicide 
-- VR: Technology Nobody Wants
-- Printable Soup
-- Shepherdless Sheep (that were even shearing themselves)
-- First Self-Aware Robot (apparently a killer robot, what with the axe)
-- Artificial Intelligence that Writes TV Recaps (boy would that come in handy around here on these forums)
-- Visible Man
-- Chemistry -- The Science of Goo (and Glop)

Loved the brochure at the Nuclear Power booth -- produced by the Institute for Purchased Science (Cigarettes Stop NFL Concussions)

In the Chemistry booth, the Periodic Table of the Elements was up to date with the most recent elements added (Moscovium (Mc), Livermorium (Lv),  Tennessine (Ts,), and Oganesson (Og).

Krusty and the Clown Woman exchanging monkeys was just ...... odd.

Abe: "Aaaah !  German Chemistry."

Seen in the Simpson Garage -- box labeled "Couch Gag Props Used"

Homer: "Banging on the walls is a true American art form, and I'm a Picasso."

Lou: "Why do we do that Chief ?"
Wiggum: "Fat Man courtesy Lou, Fat Man courtesy."

Cletus: "Meth Lab -- Proud Sponsor of the 2020 Opioid Olympics"

That meth Cletus is cooking must be good because Spiderpig's tail went straight.

Is that the first appearance of "The Flander's Finger" ?

Wiggum: "Drop the beaker Screwy Pasteur. Heh ha"
Bart: "No I wasn't doing anything bad. Pour the beaker and you'll see."
Wiggum: "We are not going to let you mix those chemicals. We got a tip from an anonymous source named Seymour Skinner."
Skinner: "Do you even know what anonymous means ?"
Wiggum: "Uhhhh, helpful."

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Even a year too late, I did love the La La Land opening number. The rest of the episode was fine. Maybe Brenden and Thelonius (Trilogy of Error) can start a Lisa-exes band at West Springfield.

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