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22 hours ago, CheezyXpressed said:

Brendi K was apparently arrested.

Liz also mentioned that Brendi threatened to harm her. The producers wouldn't cut Brendi, so Liz left since she felt unsafe.

Brendi K. Is Pure White Tennessee Trash. She can model the hell out of a county jail jumpsuit, tho.

So Liz gets signed after Brendi K. Gets arrested. GOOD.

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So I read on Reddit that Jeana used to appear completely nude in Playboy. Google “Jeana Turner Playboy” for the pictures (NSFW). I wonder if Tyra will let a nude Playboy model win ANTM since the show is supposed to be “high fashioun” not hoochie LOL.

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Yeah, I know how Tyra felt about Adrianne posing nude and she's made comments before regarding that when girls were auditioning.  But it makes no sense to cast Jeana at all in this day and age when a basic search would have made all of that info available.  She's getting a lot of hate for the nude stuff on her IG and the ANTM FB page from a few trolls.  I'd be more surprised by her winning based on NEXT being the agency prize (though they'd probably sign her in L.A. and place her under Direct) or Pantene being the prize.  Although there's been nothing said about doing an ad for them and just the prize money, it would still seem a little odd but maybe not.  Who knows?

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9 hours ago, milkyaqua said:

Coura at Datari Austin presentation at New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion F/W '18 NYFW


I'm glad she's getting work, but I'm not happy about the makeup here.

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Rio came across way better here than she did on the show. this is the Rio I first fell in love with. She is very well spoken when she's not ragging on people. 

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I thought Liberty was really pretty.  I didn't see when she was eliminated, so don't know what the problem was with her.  Too white bread?

3 hours ago, milkyaqua said:

Khrys is in the almost official ANTM mag,

She doesn't look like herself in this photo.

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