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S03.E10: shutdown -r

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On 15/12/2017 at 4:02 PM, shapeshifter said:

Maybe Dom was projecting her anger at herself onto Darlene. I mean, watching someone get his heart cut out with an axe while your wrists are zip tied and his blood spurts on your face—while your family members are being threatened with the same fate if you don't switch allegiance—is going to trigger a cluster frack of shock and PTSD, if not full blown psychosis.

I just think it's human nature to project your anger onto someone who is visible and able to be yelled at. That's why people blame migrants for their unemployment rather than the economic conditions created by a million decisions over the last 25 years. If you lost your job because it got moved to the Phillipines, why attack a Syrian refugee in your local street? Because they're there. 

As you said, it's not like Dom chose to be there. This was a spiral of decisions that, on a short-term basis, started when Darlene seduced her for her access pass. Yes there are other people are who are more deserving of that hatred but it makes complete sense that our brain is not working at 100% capacity after having a man chopped up with an axe in front of you while being told to imagine he's your 4-year-old nephew. 

But then I've noticed people are very hard on Dom generally. 

On 16/12/2017 at 3:54 PM, green said:

The street walker isn't identified as an economics professor as I recall.  More a running joke here I think because she knows basic economics better than Elliot or Darlene.  Just a college educated woman (the $80,000 debt) probably taken to the streets to earn a living in this depression.  Her economic points are common sense.  A way to point out to the viewer the fallacy of a reverse hack making everything sunshine and unicorns again.

It doesn't take an economics degrees to work this out. But then Elliot, Angela and Darlene have suffered somewhat from Smartest Person in the Room Disease. They think grand gestures can fix systems. And they haven't worked out that it is always ordinary people who get screwed. 

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