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S05.E01: Biggest Wins and Losses

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New seasons started yesterday, and I noticed no new topic had been started to discuss it yet.


Another followup episode.  I liked it.  Talked a lot more about the business, and less of the drama that CNBC likes to zero in on.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't all the businesses featured here ones that he had successfully completed a deal with?  Stein Meats is sort of an exception, but he sort of made a partial deal with them.  I was saddened to see that the lighting company didn't do well afterwards.  That owner was a good, honorable man but his leadership skills kinda sucked.

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I was surprised to find out how things went downhill with DiLascia. It's also a shame that Siloett (the swimsuit brand) didn't work out - I thought that had potential and some cute styles. (It's still available to buy on the website but everything is final sale now.) 

I loved that Bentley's Pet Stuff was his biggest winner. There's a location near me and I shop there from time to time. (They carry some harder-to-find brands of food and treats, including one that my dog just loves.) I've never had a bad experience with their staff. 

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Personally I could have used less recap and more time for diving into what went wrong, but I understand why they couldn't just assume. That said, I really liked this and it seemed really open - even talking about the Stein Meats deal which he couldn't for so long due to the lawsuit. (I still feel we don't know the situation with the Simple Greek partners, but I imagine that's a similar "can't talk about it" scenario.)

No mention of his partner/employee Julie, even though I understand she's involved in the clothing group he mentioned. I did know the Courage b  woman was involved so it was nice to see she's still doing well.

As put out as Marcus was buy the Brooklyn Burger ruling, I can see the judge's point if he ruled it was unsecured debt. (Which would mean they still owe him but he needs another suit to get paid and can't claim the Brooklyn Burger brand.) It is a reality show, which is evidenced by the checks Marcus hands over remaining unavailable to the owners and the many times that his handshake deal has been backed out of.

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Strange to start a new season with this episode rather than beginning with a normal episode or two. And no mention of the Partner.

Looks like DiLascia is now making the tees under Jetset Tees name. Presumably Patrick but didn't find any direct info. This is their most recent Facebook post:


Hiiiii DiLascia fans! Follow us instead. We're cooler. We're cuter. We have a PLANE! We're going places and so are you! 

#youregoingplaces #jetsettees The Profit

I always assumed that what we see on screen was always backed by, you know, lots of paperwork and contracts and legal agreements. Really shocked about the Brooklyn Burger deal - he really handed them $200k without a written agreement? 

I've been waiting for a Simple Greek to open nearby. Last time I checked there were still only a handful of shops and about 50 that were "coming soon." I'm glad to see many of those are open now and that the business is doing well. Still none near me though!

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