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Stranger Things: The Game

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I guess this mobile game has existed since early October, but I just learned about it last week. It's a lot of fun! TV show tie-in games are pretty hit or miss, but this one's a hit. It reminds me of the old-school Legend of Zelda games, with lots of fun little puzzles and simple combat. You can unlock a bunch of characters, each with an ability (you start with Hopper, who can punch things, then get Lucas, who can shoot things with his slingshot, then get Nancy and her bat... and so on). The game's completely free and has no microtransactions, which I always appreciate. It appears to be an advertisement for the show that just happens to be a fun little game on its own!

On Google Play

On the App Store

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The game was totally addictive. I generally don't like video games (cause I suck at them), but this one was fun and reminded me of mid-90s computer games. Even after I defeated all the dungeons, I still was only at 81% complete. I had to delete it from my phone, though because it took up too much space.

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I completed all the dungeons on my own and found most of the extras, but I had to consult some guides to hit the full 100% (some of the gnomes and VHS tapes require you to re-enter completed dungeons and go through pipes or hit switches you couldn't get to before you had certain characters... Dustin's pudding-tossing ability comes in handy in a few places, too). My playtime was about 10 hours, which is pretty good for a free mobile game. Looks like they're still updating it with new quests every so often, too.

I make mobile games for a living (nothing big like this, though, at least not yet), so I appreciate it when I can tell one was made with care and is not just a cash grab!

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Hello, I just recently finished season two of "Stranger Things" and of course it was amazing. I wanted more of anything that has to do with stranger things so I found the app game and its very fun. The game has a lot of small references to the game. It's really fun and you guys should try it out.


You don't have to but if you would like come say hi. Or just check out the game.

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I was hoping for an update to the mobile game, but it doesn't look like that's happening. That's a shame, because I really enjoyed it! Looks like there was a(n inferior) season three console game, and for mobile we're getting another entry into the increasingly-crowded AR/GPS-location-based genre. I enjoy a couple of those, but weather and data costs kind of limit how many I can play.



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