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Does anybody besides me watch this show? I am occasionally confused by which character is which, but I enjoy it. I get Breakfast Club vibes from the first episode. So did Violets bomb cause the whole thing, or it was an evil plot? 

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I enjoy it. But there are things that make it difficult to suspend my disbelief. As for Violet's bomb, that question was answered in an episode. Did you not watch them all yet? In that case I won't spoil it for you.

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S1E10: Prey

Wow, poor Natalie. Honestly, I didn't see her surviving long being pregnant and all. That would have been a terrible thing, having to raise a baby in the middle of an apocalypse. They really didn't have much in the way of food and a baby needs a lot of nourishment. It was crazy the way she sacrificed herself for the group though. I'd have never done that but, she was already dying so it was a great way to save her friends.

S2E1: Trespass

That Keller team seemed to really give up quickly on finding the others. Fooled by a bunch of teenagers but they are supposed to be smarter and more dangerous. 

S2E2: Attraction

Can't say I was too disappointed with LaShawn's death. He was a pain to watch. I don't know if it was that unbelievable "jock" mentality or the way he just didn't seem to interact with anyone (not really anyway) other than of course Zoe. It was brutal watching him get tortured though. I really hope they find that chick that broke his leg and left him for dead. She needs to be dealt with.

S2E3: Strangers

I don't know how trusting I would have been offering complete strangers a place to crash during an apocalypse (especially after just almost being murdered by someone claiming to save me). But new faces means more deaths (and really isn't that what we're all here for?)

S2E4: Trust Issues

Can we kill off Zoe now? How can anyone really stand to be around her? She is possibly the most selfish of the group. "You have no idea what I've lost." Sure. Because I didn't have a mother, father, sister, brother or boy/girlfriend that could possibly be dead too? But let's make it all about you. And then to so easily betray her friends for these new people? Wow. She's classy.

S2E5: Self-Preservation

Diesel, Zoe, Sadie, Zane and Anka really owe Grover some thanks for bringing all that food before the island voted him off, which I thought was pretty messed up after everything they'd been through together. They are really going to need it when the shit hits the fan because I don't see anyone trying to make food runs. I'm glad Grover wasn't alone. Barrett, although he started out fairly terrible, is shaping up to be one of my favorites on the show.

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The situation with the intruders reaches a boiling point. Violet puts herself in a dangerous position to save the others.

Just got finished with the series so far and ok...it started well enough. First season was great and addicting but, the second season seemed to really be about exploring the I guess "drama" side of the group. A lot of secrets and back biting and unnecessary lying. The series seems good and I will definitely watch the next season if there is one mostly because I have a lot of questions and I want answers. I kinda didn't expect Violet's death (but it was neat). Grover being reunited with his Dad was expected considering his and Barrett's discovery just earlier that night about "Project Wednesday" (weird name by the way). 

I wonder just how unkillable those soldiers they created are. Jake could take bites and scratches from the Freaks and even an arrow to the chest and be perfectly fine. His rage factor is scary though. I can only imagine how much damage he's capable of. Very happy Earl was killed though he didn't go soon enough for my tastes. He was unlikable from the start. 

Now the real question is: who's turning? They were all in the room when the window was shattered, however Zoe was the closest to it as she was preparing to attack Earl. So if proximity matters at all, my money is on her. Plus I wouldn't miss her out of the rest of the group. Her constant moaning about what she lost made me really dislike her. She was acting like no one else had friends or family die from the outbreak and somehow her pain was more important than anyone else's. It even caused her to turn on the people she knew and try to run out on them. For real?

P.S. Does anyone watch this show? Hello? Echo...echo...echo...

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Just ran across this show this weekend. Watched all 20 episodes. Didn't hate it, but didn't love it, either. Plot holes are silly (Cars are airtight, I guess.) and it's standard zombie movie. Breakfast Club Meets 28 Days Later wasn't what I was looking for. 

Still, it kept my interest for 10 hours, and I want to know how the story ends. I am happy that they aren't afraid to kill off major characters. Being female and/or a person of color means you're marked for death, though. Of the original kids plus Coach, Zoe is the only girl still alive and all the black males have been taken out. 

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Not sure if anyone is wondering but it looks like the show is done. At least according to TVLine.




Is there going to be a Season 3 of Freakish on Hulu? —Andy
I am told that Hulu is done with Freakish and now is focusing on other AwesomenessTV titles such as All Night and the upcoming PEN15.

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