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Love After Lockup in the Media

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I’m not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but LAL was mentioned in the sitcom Abbott Elementary. The character says “I haven’t watched Love  After Lock Up in a month. Free Puppy.” 😂

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Life after Lockup returns on 7/29. The episodes will be 90 minutes this season.


And if you are wondering who is on the show....



Tayler & Chance (Elsberry, MO)

Tayler must reveal her engagement to twin sister and roommate Bobbie, who cannot stand Chance. While Chance finally builds Bobbie a garage bedroom and promptly moves her in, Bobbie feels it is all a ploy to get rid of her. Chance has been in and out of prison his entire adult life but can the future he is planning with Tayler and the girls keep him out of prison for good?

Chazz & Branwin (La Grange, KY/Portland, OR))

These newlyweds face their first challenge immediately– distance. Branwin’s parole restrictions require her to stay in Portland, and Chazz has a job he takes very seriously back in La Grange, KY. Once they’re able to be together, Chazz’s sister struggles to accept their relationship, and Branwin’s daughter and friends think Chazz and the move are a bad idea. Meanwhile, Branwin’s bad-boy ex Aaron might also have something to say about this new marriage.

Kevin & Tiffany (Arlington,TX)

Kevin agrees to Tiffany’s wish to investigate a threesome, but Kevin’s playboy lifestyle is hard to ignore when Tiffany finds women’s underwear in his bedroom. Even as they struggle to find a lane for their love, Kayla, the woman who will not let Kevin go, stirs up the drama.


Shawn & Sara (Cincinnati, OH)

With Sara 5 months pregnant, the couple race to plan the wedding of their dreams. However, fresh out of prison, Destinie is looking to catch up with Shawn, and she has come prepared with a list– plus an amount for the money she believes Shawn owes her. If Destinie makes it to Ohio, how will she react when she learns Shawn is married to another former felon…with a baby?

Amber & Puppy (Douglasville, GA)

Puppy and fiancé Eric are back together after her jail stint and planning their wedding…but to everyone’s surprise, Eric is still legally married– and Puppy fears he’s still involved with his ex-wife. Amber catches baby fever after meeting a new man but is worried it may be too late for her.

Britney & Ray (Spring, TX)

Marriage could be on the horizon for the couple as Ray finally gets an engagement ring for Britney, but he must ask Britney’s parents for their blessing first. Unfortunately, Ray’s restitution looms large over their plans leaving Britany with questions and contemplating reaching out for a legal opinion. Will the couple make it down the aisle and ultimately start a family?

Marcelino & Brittany (Las Vegas, NV)

Brittany puts her prison past behind her and finds success as a realtor. Marcelino must take on even more of the childcare which causes a divide between the happy couple. Is the rift a repercussion of an adventurous night in the bedroom? Did their threesome with Brittany’s former cellmate, Amanda, light a fresh spark in their marriage or was the night of pleasure more trouble than it was worth?

Daonte & Lindsey (Newport News, VA/Corinth, MS)

We found out Daonte and Lindsey were dating on the special, “Love After Lockup: How to Date an Inmate.” Lindsey is released from prison without warning due to a Covid outbreak at her facility and Daonte goes to Mississippi the next day to finally meet his dream girl in person– though Daonte’s mom is not a fan of this new relationship. When Daonte arrives in Mississippi, Lindsey is living with a former friend and drug dealer, Blaine. Lindsey brushes off Daonte’s jealousy but his visit sets off alarms.

As always, I look forward to the live chats.

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13 hours ago, tvfanatic13 said:

Britt/Marc AGAIN???? 
Looking forward to the rest! 

I'm way over Puppy and Amber as well.  And, although we all know Daonte and Lindsey are pure fakery, they will provide some entertaining drama.

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32 minutes ago, suzeecat said:

I'm way over Puppy and Amber as well.  And, although we all know Daonte and Lindsey are pure fakery, they will provide some entertaining drama.

Will there be a Lindsey, Jr.? Inquiring minds want to know.

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On 7/23/2022 at 8:58 PM, teapot said:

I’m surprised Antoine & can’t-remember-her-name-but-I-thought-she-was-pregnant aren’t on!!!!

Remember their last scene?  He was angry and told the camera crew to stop filming.  They may be personas non grata after that.

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NINE couples. NINE. I’m gonna hope that some of them implode early on and we shift to some of the others.

Does anyone want to see more of Brittney and Marcellino? How many seasons of their fake storylines must we be subjected to?

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