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While I understand Alex being upset that the girls brought Leslie back to the mansion, he doesn't really have a leg to stand on since he brought Livvie there without asking anyone beforehand. But maybe they could have blindfolded Leslie on the way so she wouldn't know the location of the super secret mansion.

I love that Nico's idea of getting rid of the goth makeup to blend in at the cult compound is wearing only half as much eyeliner as usual.

For some reason, I thought Xavin was Karolina's brother (the one who Jonah introduced her to in the hole).

Man, even with her brain back, Susan is still drinking the Gibborim Kool-Aid. I guess someone had to stay behind and get rid of Frank. Knowing what we know about the actor now, I'm glad that the show had already found a way to get rid of him (even before the news broke). I'm guessing in S3, Susan will try to get Karolina and Leslie to come back to the church.

I know I'm supposed to think Vaughn's crush on Karolina is cute but I find it creepy.

Oh, Chase, quit being such a dummy!

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S2.E13 quotes

Xavin: No one knows the origins of this story. It passed down through the generations until it was just a thing that is known. A truth. A prophecy. And at some point, the story is heard by someone who comes to believe that the story is about them. Are they crazy to believe? Or would it be crazy not to? Because this story is a love story. A love story that unites two worlds and brings peace to the universe. And so a believer stowed away on a ship that carried a family of exiled Royal Magistrates at the center of the prophecy. But the stowaway did not remain secret for long. Once exposed, the stowaway became a help to them, and soon they had mastered every skill needed to run the ship. But peace was not to last. All seemed lost. Perhaps the stowaway was not the one spoken of in the prophecy. Maybe the prophecy was not even true. Death would have been a relief from the uncertainty the stowaway suffered. Until there was a light from above. And it occurred to the stowaway that this had always been a part of the prophecy, that they had crashed in exactly the right place, because the light they saw was their beloved. My beloved. My intended. My betrothed.
Karolina: Whoa. That was a trip.
Xavin: Are you okay? I've never done that before to someone like you.
Karolina: I think so. A little invasive, but beautiful.

Karolina: It's not that I don't believe you. I believe that you believe. It's just a lot to take in.
Xavin: Our destinies are woven together by prophecy.
Karolina: Is is there maybe a hard copy of this prophecy that I could look at? Preferably written in English and not projected into my brain.

Chase: I woke up with a sore neck, and I'm pretty sure it's because Nico stuck pins in a voodoo doll with my name on it.

Xavin: How many kingdoms how many lives were given in pursuit of this treasure? High-fructose corn syrup. 
Leslie: Uh, many. Many lives. But for future reference, we don't really talk with our mouths full.
Xavin: Apologies. Shapeshifter. Still getting used to having a mouth.

Nico: This can't be a halfway house for pregnant PRIDE members and aliens with fairy tale fixations.

Alex: [Chase] wants to meet up.
[Gert, Karolina, Nico, and Molly all give him the finger]
Alex: They're interested.

Leslie: So you won't forgive me, ever?
Karolina: Forgiveness is earned over time with deeds, not words. Isn't that a fundamental Gibb teaching?

Nico: You're not coming because you're not invited! Chase doesn't even know you exist. 
Xavin: I don't require an invitation. It should be assumed that I'd go along to protect my betrothed.
Nico: She protects herself. And if she needs backup, I've got it.
Xavin: If that's the case, wouldn't it be better if there were twice the backup?
Nico: Holy shit. Am I Am I really this small?
Xavin: Exact duplicate.
Karolina: Xavin, please change back. That creeps people out.

Chase: I'm here with an offer from our parents.
Alex: Omigawd, you're one of them.

Chase: If they have to hurt you, they will, and believe me, they can. But they'd prefer you to come home without a fight, and if you're willing to do that, then PRIDE is ours.
Gert: Why would we want a totally corrupt organization and the hypocritical life that comes with that?

Gert: Molly, these boots were made to support my self-image, not my ankles!

Earl: I understand that drones are annoying, but that was totally uncalled for.
Gert: Yeah, sorry, dude. Do you have insurance or something?
Earl: Insurance is a corporate swindle invented to capitalize on our inner fears.
Gert: Oh, you're totally speaking my language.

Catherine: What is he doing? He's going to kill himself!
Geoffrey: I should've never let him play Grand Theft Auto.

Catherine: Where the hell are you, Victor?
Victor: The last person to talk to me like that works in a Malaysian toy factory for fifteen cents an hour.
Catherine: The last person who talked to me like that doesn't talk anymore.

Chase: Dad's sick. Sicker than he's ever been.
Janet: Yeah, I've noticed some things. But he's been through a lot.
Chase: I think the tumor's coming back. And now, weirdly, his skin's flaking.
Janet: Flaking how?
Chase: White, scaly.
Janet: Holy shit. 
Chase: What? It's not like dry skin's worse than a brain tumor. I mean, maybe he just needs a good moisturizer.

Jonah in Victor: You have no idea how much that one can talk. Especially on a long trip.

Molly: We have to get out of here. 
Gert: Do we? What if they're still out there?
Molly: We can't just spend the rest of our lives in a kiosk that sells men's socks.

Gert: Everyone thinks that you're the nice one. The levelheaded, concerned mom. Another lie.
Stacey: Honey, I understand your disappointment. Every kid that learns the truth about their parents thinks that they've discovered something really big, but honestly, it's like finding out the stove is hot. It hurts for a while, and then you get a scar.

Gert: Between the poisoning and the kidnapping, when did you have time to get Lasik?

Nico: Flip you. 
Tina: I love what it does to your language center. It's really kind of funny.

Alex: If I were you guys, I'd put those weapons down. LAPD has a little thing about black folks waving guns around.

Catherine: We don't want to do this, Alex. Don't make us.
Alex: I never made you do anything. And let's be clear. Everything that you guys have done has been your choice. Nobody forced you to kill those kids or to pull that trigger on Darius. You did that cause you wanted to. And now I get it. It kinda feels good to take somebody's life away. Because with a little help from Tamar and an anonymous note to a cold case detective, it's dominoes, bitch.

Jonah in Victor: I'm really disappointed. Both of you should be quicker on the uptake.

Gert: When we get out of here, I'm gonna have you eat [Dale].

Dale: I know I haven't exactly been the father of the year lately, but I think in time you will realize that what I'm doing is actually
Gert: For my own good.
Dale: Benefit.
Gert: Please, that's not possible if it involves being kidnapped and forced to run away with you and Mom. 
Dale: I agree with you on that.
Gert: Where is Mom?
Dale: Well, honey, that's kind of who we're running away from.
Gert: What?!
Dale: Your mom's been acting a little strange lately. Erratic. Violent. Actually, some might say bloodthirsty.
Gert: You don't say.
Dale: And your sister, thankfully, she got away safely, so I thought the best thing for us to do would be go on the road. Off the grid, just until your mom works through her issues. 
Gert: Okay, so let me get this straight. My murderous father is taking me on the lam because he's afraid of my even more murderous mother.
Dale: Pretty much nailed it. You know me they call me Mr. Bright Side. You and I, we have not gone on a road trip in a long time. We're going to have fun. We're going to listen to some tunes yo, play the game with the license plates. Oh, and before you say anything, Phish live from the Gorge, '99. Are you the Wolfman's Brother? Beautiful sound, from the soundboard, Trey's solos are delectably tasty. So good. You ready to float down the sea like Prince Caspian? Let's do it.

Alien in Tina: It's hard to keep these host personalities in check. This particular vessel is a control freak.

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6 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I know I'm supposed to think Vaughn's crush on Karolina is cute but I find it creepy.

Vaughn is like a clone of Jaime from the Progressive Insurance ads.

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On 1/3/2019 at 12:01 PM, tennisgurl said:

When the parents thought they found the kids in the first episode, and it was a bunch of burlier people wearing the same clothes that they usually do, I almost expected someone to yell "You've captured their stunt doubles!!"

You're not the only one.

On 12/25/2018 at 4:24 PM, xaxat said:

Laid Back Not Tina is totally hot.

And she's less threatening than real Tina.

And I can't believe I'm almost through the second season and only realized now that the character with the dinosaur is named Gert

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On 1/5/2019 at 6:12 PM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I know I'm supposed to think Vaughn's crush on Karolina is cute but I find it creepy.

Actually, I think we're supposed to read it as creepy.

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Oh shit, Nico has Kaecilius eyes when she goes full on Witch Power! That cant be a good sign! But that is super cool, and possibly a shout out to Tina being named as a Sorcerer guarding a magical location in Doctor Strange. But I hope Nico watches herself, that might not be a safe power source to tap into. 

Oh Chase. Chase, Chase, Chase. I sort of knew this was coming, as when Victor says jump usually Chase will ask how high, but it was still really sad to see. Its actually a pretty realistic look at how hard it can be for victims of abuse to finally leave their abusers for good, even if they leave for a whole. Despite the fact that Victor tried to kill him right before he and the kids ran off at the end of last season, he still makes excuses for him, becomes hopeless at the prospect of fighting or trying to escape him and the parents for real, and quickly falls for his "no really, its different this!" manipulations when they finally talk again. Then the parents manipulate him and play on his issues and hopes to get him to join them. You can even see it in his relationships with other people, like how quick he always is to assume that Gert is mad at him for something he did wrong, and not just because Gert is growing through stuff*, or being quick to hold onto any tiny bit of kindness he gets from people, especially parental figures (yeah your parents locked us up and drugged me, but they were so nice about it!) and having father/son honeymoon period as soon as he got home. I dont know how much of the real Victor is going to be around after Jonah is done with him, or how much we have even seen "real" Victor lately, but I hope that next season, he can finally get away from him permanently.  

I think that the alien might be in Alex. Alex has been pretty damn bloodthirsty lately, like his gleefully smile when his parents got arrested was a WHOLE lot, and Gert asking if he even cared about them and Alex rattling off a bunch of stuff about facts over emotions, it seemed like something a secret alien could say. Or Alex is just messed up from everything that happened, and the alien is inside of Nico, and thats one of the reasons for her growing feelings of being off. Its not her magic, its an alien fighting for dominance inside of her!

I cant believe that they're bringing Xavin into the show! I like they way they've used "her*" so far, its a good way to adapt the character from the source material, without some of the more...questionable parts of her character and how that played out with Karolina. And the actress who is mainly playing her is doing a great job at seeming alien without going over the top. 

The party for Molly was really cute, so of course things have to go to crap. Poor kids, they just cant get any damn breaks. 

I thought this season was an improvement over last season, even though I liked last season a lot. Cant wait to see what happens next! I want more Old Lace though. Always more dinosaurs! 

*Not that I blame Gert for that, or do I think their relationship is even close to abusive. Its just the way he looks at himself in relation to other people. 

*In the comics, Xavin was a gender fluid shape shifting alien with a very different view of gender than most human societies. Here, Xavin seems to be only taking the form of women, so I guess you can call Xavin a she? Or maybe Xavin prefers they?

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I have no idea why the kids have already gone back to both Nico's house and their school but no one has bothered going back to Dale and Stacey's house to get Gert's meds. Couldn't they just hide nearby, wait until Stacey and Dale leave for work, and then run in and get her medication?

Yes! I'm going through the first half of the season now and this has been driving me up a wall! They risked the school. They risked Nico's house. They know that Alex is risking Darius. But they can't risk the YORKESES??? Dale and Stacey are easily the least problematic parents to be caught by. And Gert has a real need. It's a stopgap solution, but it seems so weird that no one considers it. Heck, Gert could probably just arrange a meeting drop off point with Dale and Stacey.

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That last episode seemed to me like a ham-fisted way to set things up for a third season. Has the show been officially renewed or is that forgone conclusion?

I noted in the first season that there had to be a reason Victor was being portrayed by an actor who looked like a low-rent Julian McMahon. Now we see why. I wonder if he was original choice for Jonah but Julian brought more star power and name recognition.

"It's dominoes, bitch. Wash 'em." I also think one of the aliens might be in Alex. That line was a bit much for someone like him, IMO.

Looks like three of actors might not be back since their characters will be transferred to different bodies. Guess it depends on how well contract renegotiations go.

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‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Looks Likely To Return For Third Season As Hulu Content Chief Praises Performance


The show’s 13-episode second season launched on December 21, 2018 and it seems likely that there’ll be another run this year.

“We’re really happy with the performance of Runaways, both creatively and in terms of its performance and we’ll have an announcement shortly,” Erwich said, speaking at TCA.

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‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Officially Renewed For 10-Episode Season 3


Season 3 of the series, from showrunners/writers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, Marvel TV and ABC Signature, will consist of 10 episodes, down from the 13-episode first and second seasons. That has been a trend for streaming series across the board as 10 has proven optimal for binging.

Additionally, I hear that, staying true to its title, Runaways plans to focus on the kids, so the actors playing parents who were series regulars are being reduced from all shows produced to factual series regulars – 7 out of 10.

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Although the total # of episodes have been reduced, this is good news.  Thanks!!  Also, more focus on the kids.  Cool.

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I'm more interested in the parents than the kids, but I'm mostly interested in good storylines. And I think not having to treat the parents as regulars will free up the show to develop the kids in a more organic way, especially once the alien possession storyline is resolved. 

I hope Gert and Old Lace get to do more this season. They got a lot of screentime last season, but it was mostly damsel in distress type screentime.

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Finished the series a couple of days ago... and you know what...

I can take the aliens, the dinosaur, and technological wizardry, but you know where I cross the line... AWOL. So cringey.

I enjoyed the season though, more than the first. Keep the parents to the minimum in the future, I think that chapter is done. While on that subject, the parents, PRIDE, I just kinda got low rent... Hellfire Club, Inner Circle.

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