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8 hours ago, CandyApple said:

I think it is worth saying again:

Ms. Mr. Christmas sounds very similar to former host at various shopping channels, Kimberly Wells.

David is enjoying tapping on her stuff.  Nothing dirty intended.

I think she is intent on every single viewer owning a nostalgic, ceramic Christmas tree.

She says she is breaking the mold of the 20 inch musical variety.

Maybe she can work with one of the food vendors to create a cake in its likeness.

Or Tara Temptations can use it as one of her holiday patterns.

I'm sure it will live on in some lucrative capacity.

Come on @candyapple.  Use Your Pronouns correctly.   (you know i'm kidding).  taking a big breath. 

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Please remember to keep the discussions about the host(s) and not your fellow members.  If you see something you believe breaks a site/forum rule, report it and then ignore it.  Thanks.

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