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One word: Tova 

I can’t believe what I see. 

And her model…Taylor in a gauzy nightmare, um, I mean nightie. Giant pumpkins hanging out.

I just thought of another word: Halloween 



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Ame to Lor, about the black TSV she is wearing:  "You know what I like to say:  you're looking B.A."

Bad ass?

Between your calico cat-colored hair mop and saying that, you do not look or sound classy.

I don't care if they are trying to attract a younger audience, this is not becoming of the Q.


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Courtney K is an idiot. 
If the Q is looking to attract a younger audience, they best hope that most 8th graders have charge cards. 

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On 9/19/2021 at 6:51 PM, mpeeps said:

 I vaguely remember SR's farewell speech and IIRC she left the Q because she was relocating to FL or somewhere for her husband's job. 

Whay can't they relocate the dirty one!

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Please remember to keep the discussions about the host(s) and not your fellow members.  If you see something you believe breaks a site/forum rule, report it and then ignore it.  Thanks.

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