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Past Contestants Photo Gallery

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For the moment let's have this one thread to discuss any of the upcoming contestants.  If one or more of them ends up needing a separate thread, we'll do that later.


Up first--This lovely bit about contestant Adam Smith (no, not that one) who is appears to be a homophobe and has been ID'd as the Emory student who committed a hate crime against a gay student in 2010.  It will be interesting to see if Tyra uses this as part of his "story" or glosses it over.  Although the latter seems unlikely to me given this show's support for LGBT people.  Will be interesting.


And here's more about Chantelle Young, the contestant with the skin depigmentation condition called "vitiligo."  I think it makes her look like a walking piece of art and can't wait to see how she fares.  But when your real name is "Winnie Harlow" why on earth would you change it to something as bland as "Chantelle Young"?

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So the Guycasting is here to stay?

Apparently yes, ugh. I remember when cycle 20 was airing there was a rumor about a cycle of past winners. I wanted to see that trainwreck so bad.

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I agree with this.  I think Tyra will do her darnedest to have a male winner.  The thing is though, none of these guys is all that great.  I don't understand why Tyra couldn't have cast guys that were ideally 6' - 6'2" instead of the likes of Will and Matt who are 6'6" and 6'5" respectively (too tall).  Then you have Denzel who's 5'10" (too short) and Keith who looks like a Tyson-clone.  Adam who can't pose to save his life and Ben who is also hopeless.

If she has to crown a male, I'd settle for Will even though all he'll be good for is niche modeling at best.  I prefer Matt looks-wise but his height would keep him from doing too much work probably and Ben who's about right height-wise just doesn't seem to not always look derpy.

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MMLEsq I poked around a little online and I can't find any official start date that has been announced.  Info on the Spoiler thread indicates that the finale was just filmed yesterday (April 2).  So I'm guessing an early summer premiere.

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It kind of looks like they cut her face out and stuck it on someone else's body and didn't do a very good job of it. I mean, it looks like the paper dolls I used to make by cutting out people from catalogs.

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She's working in the Philippines right now.  She's hosted a fashion related show and has been a judge on a dance show as well as has had a campaign for Sprinto Eyewear (video) and Technomarine

You get to judge dance shows in the Philippines by losing a modeling competition in the US?  Wow. Seems like the place to be!

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I love that Nina's Hong Kong agency posted fan art in her portfolio. That Nylon cover is not real.




Which seems to be par for the course with agencies in Asia.  I think Leila and Allison have also had bogus fanart posted in their portfolios as well.

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