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Hollywood's Dirty Little (Open) Secrets: Harvey Weinstein and Others Like Him

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Agreed. There's a lot of Maher's kind of thinking in general with these stories nowadays and it's very frustrating. Certainly, it absolutely sucks to find out somebody you admired turned out to be an awful creep. I totally get the initial struggle over accepting that fact, too, for a whole host of reasons (the crime may be so awful that it's hard to wrap your mind around it and realize somebody can be that cruel, you feel like you can't trust your own judgment of people anymore, you have special memories associated with that person/their work that feel tainted now, etc.,).

But yeah, if you're, rightfully, not willing to give a pass to people you don't like who are shitty, then you need to extend that same attitude to those you do like, too. 

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Thank you all for reminding yet another reason to loathe Mr. Maher. So it doesn't matter how much others harm innocents or the collateral damage they inflict on families as long Mr. Maher himself somehow gets entertained by them, that's ALL that matters to him?! UGH!    Oh, and IIRC, didn't he himself openly hit on Bijou Phillips despite her being then barely legal, quite a bit younger than him (to say nothing of having a zillion issues)? UGH!

Oh, and I don't believe Miss Keaton has been genuinely ignorant of Mr. Allen's shadowside by ANY means. It's been so blatant for so many decades, it would be like trying to hide an elephant behind a flagpole- especially to someone who has been so closely associated with another person for so long! I concede she may be being willfully ignorant so she doesn't have to take responsibility for having dealt with his shadowside for so long- even after she adopted children! 

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