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14 hours ago, TVbitch said:

I  jumped into this show this season cuz I am a fan of Josh Holloway, so I have only seen two episodes. Can someone tell me is Beth bipolar? That is how she comes off to me, with the chronic drinking and the wild behavior. 

I think I can without a doubt say Beth is not bipolar. She's harboring a lot of guilt over her mother's death (as seen in S1) and there is also something that has happen between her and her brother Jamie which makes her hate him (seen in both S1 & S2) - we will find out what this is about this season. I posted a link to an article upthread regarding this hate/feud. She's not your sterotypical woman that's for sure and that's also probably why I personally love the character so much. 

I found this article regarding that Beth/Rip breakfast scene and I found it cute - Breakfast scene input (if you scroll down a bit on that page you'll find more cool articles if you press "Up next") 

I always appreciate actors insight after the show. I haven't seen the bunk boys recap Sunday's episode though come to think of it. Great gives me something to do today 🙂 Have a great weekend y'all! Looking forward to Sunday already! 

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On 7/2/2020 at 12:15 AM, Joimiaroxeu said:

That's an awfully big house Rip has for just one person.


Did they say where the house came from? Was it Lee's? If it was it makes sense John would heir it to Rip.

When Kaycee took over instead of kicking Rip to the bunk house, why didn't Kaycee  not just live there though? When Beth confronted John about Kaycee just living in the main house, John/Kaycee both said he didn't want to live with daddy. Yet that big house was out there?

Also seems smaller/more comfortable for Monica, since she's not comfortable in the main big house she's lost in. Oh well, happy for Rip getting it, you could tell how much it meant to him to be accepted as a son and into the family. He's the best Dutton although not one there is. lol

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