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Morbidity and Mortality Review: Good and Bad Doctoring

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It would be interesting to see a tv show where the doctors acted like real doctors do (in a rush, etc.); I'm not really sure how the show would work, but I would like to see it done, if anyone can figure it out.

Maybe it would be like those veterinarian shows, where each consult is a few quick minutes and the show keeps moving.

There wouldn't be as much emotional drama, I guess. And seeing people rushed through doesn't give as many opportunities to think the cat, dog, or parakeet is cute. But if someone figured out the right approach, it could be social commentary in some way. We all know what it's like, but somehow we all accept that TV doctors are not anything like reality, not only in terms of skipping steps and making shit up, but also in how much time they spend on it. Maybe it would have to be done more like a comedy than a drama, because it's the kind of thing where you have to laugh or else you'll cry... or be bored (another strep throat! we've seen 10 of those today!)

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9 minutes ago, possibilities said:

It would be interesting to see a tv show where the doctors acted like real doctors do

Yes, and do their romances etc. in their off-duty time when we don't have to watch.

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