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S07.E20: With This Ring

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Could the people trying to lay blame for pedophiles on the women in their lives please stop? I have known several pedophiles. I have met and spoken with their wives and partners, whose lives are utterly destroyed. These women lose their friends, their families and frequently their employability because of the sick bastard shit - and they never saw it coming. Pedophiles are really really good liars, they lie all the time, invcluding to themselves and there is no clue. You wouldn’t spot it either. Can we keep the blame where it belongs, on the bastard who commits the act, and stop blaming the innocent because it makes you more comfortable to think there must be some way you can tell?

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On 10/4/2017 at 10:23 AM, MostlyC said:

I truly want to know why Brandon is playing the german jeweler.

Yes! Maybe if enough of us ask him on Twitter (@Jason_Priestley), he'll answer?

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8 hours ago, SoupThrower said:
On 10/8/2017 at 4:09 AM, purist said:

Yes! Maybe if enough of us ask him on Twitter (@Jason_Priestley), he'll answer?

I don't know. If I was him I would try to forget that ever happened. 

Seriously. This is where we get "Stars! they're just like US!" because I can imagine him watching (or been reminded of( that episode 20+ years later and doing a full-body cringe. Speaking of a little German: Fremdschämen *feeling embarrassment for someone else* is like SO appropriate for that shit show "performance" of his. "But vill yew chooz zee right Gull?" Good Lord.

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On 10/13/2017 at 6:51 AM, Klaw said:

I can imagine him watching (or been reminded of( that episode 20+ years later and doing a full-body cringe.

Yeah, but I was hoping he might be comfortable enough now to laugh it off* and tell us the reasons. Inquiring minds want to know!


* Kinda like James Van Der Beek, when he acknowledged the hilariousness of the 'Crying Dawson' meme and ran with it.

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Not sure if I commented here or only in my head, but back when Kelly chose herself, I could have sworn she was walking on the beach, and was confused why I was so off on the visual. But here she is, choosing herself again, on the beach. And since I had stopped watching this train wreck long before this point, I hereby forgive myself for conflating the two episodes.

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On 10/2/2017 at 11:32 AM, luckyroll3 said:

It looks like a real slap, because there's a little wisp of hair that gets caught between Mom's hand and Val's cheek.  

When I rewatched this episode a few months ago, I couldn't figure out what was bothering me about the German jeweler.  Now I know.  I definitely did not recognize him as Jason Priestly, but when the clip aired in the podcast, it was so clearly his voice.  Not sure how I missed that!

That actress who plays Chloe is from Saved by the Bell: The New Class, right?

OMG! I thought that was Jason, but I couldn't be sure. And I was like whuuut? WHYYYYYYYY????? So, so stupid.  And what IS IT with these women/girls, just wanting to fuck David, with no fucking self-respect. First it was Ariel, and in her second appearance, trying to get Ray signed on, she basically had to be a slut/prostitute, because that's the ONLY way to get a deal done, right? Especially since she was the more powerful one? And Chloe, UGH. I just fast forward through everything Donna because I find Tori's ever changing face so hard to take. And that hair color she chose for this season, and no eyeliner, but glossy shiny lipstick, she looked like some Gorgon.

On 10/2/2017 at 1:36 PM, TeeVee329 said:

Kelly really is so conceited. She told Brandon she still had feelings for him a) months ago, b) two seconds after he dumped Susan, c) clearly in response to the news that Dylan's with Brenda, and d) then went on to date his co-worker for most of a semester. And she thinks that was a clear declaration of love that he should have acted on? Shutie.

I do not understand the whole 100th episode thing. Are we supposed to think the campus television station didn't exist until now? It's been a thing for a while, David worked for it in season 5 when Brandon and Josh ran for office!

Bye Chloe! As with Mark, I did not remember you at all before this run of episodes began and I look forward to you again being wiped from my memory.

I forced myself to not fast forward and I still hate her. That 100th thing was soooo stupid. Considering that Brandon had only been at the station for a semester and a half, and the university of only 3 and a quarter years!

On 10/5/2017 at 10:31 AM, TeeVee329 said:

I think the window was left open, shall we say, for the molestation reveal.  It doesn't completely jive with the way Val talked about her dad and his suicide in season five, but it wasn't completely egregious, especially compared to some other retcons the show's gotten into.

But her having murdered him was a complete asspull, maybe because the writers or Tiffani-Amber Thiessen wanted something big to play for Val's final run of episodes?

Okay, I thought I'd quoted @Jaclyn88's post about how the molestation wasn't planned. And yeah, the circumstances behind Victor's suicide were so ambiguous that throwing in a rape/molestation plot wasn't too much of a retcon, except for when Val would tell stories of how happy her childhood was and with the Walsh Twins? Whatever. And I don't know how I forgot that it was Michelle Phillips who played Val's mom. Why did I think it was Shirley Jones?

But Tracy is so fucking stoopid and an idiot and whatever the word is for her to assume that ring was for her. And then that whole subplot two episodes prior with that "Good ole fashion Vet, Sam" who lurves Tracy more and better than the evuhl, sketchy City Boy Brandon EVER COULD!

Then again, I was a very casual viewer, at best after Brenda/Shannen left. And never watched seasons 5-10 in reruns. Because I'm a Brenda/Shannen fan.

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