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S30.E42: O.J. Simpson: Endgame (O.J. Simpson)

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I hate that lawyer they talk to every time.  The one who went into the house to change all the pictures of OJ with white people to OJ with black people.  He is a smarmy dickhead.  And he refuses to see how what he did was so egregiously wrong.  He reeks of "We just wanted to win!" and I ask myself how he sleeps at night and then I realize he doesn't give a fuck.  To him, he was part of the winning team who stuck it to white America because for once a black man wasn't railroaded by the police even though he knows that man KILLED TWO PEOPLE AND IS GUILTY AS SIN!!!!

I wish something would come out about him like he trolls for 12 year olds on the internet.  No man deserves a fall from grace as much as he does.

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