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There was a 'reunion'/recap episode tonight, that recapped all of the past 3 seasons.  It was honestly epic.  I laughed through it.  It made me really happy, because while I definitely loved early NFY, the last couple of seasons have made me very wary.  Sometimes I think Nathan is downright metaphorically drunk and maybe a tad insane with power.  I haven't really laughed as much in the past couple of seasons, but rather been alarmed.  Anyways, this episode tonight was hysterical.

I hope it's okay I started this topic.  The last time anyone posted in here was 2015, and I'm obviously one of the very, very, very few people who even cares about this show.

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Ok. Just watched the Celebration episode. Anthony Napoli is hilariously awkward.  I also love that he found the nude photographs of the PI.  I'm really looking forward to season four.

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1 hour ago, Ms Blue Jay said:

Napoli almost came out as a Holocaust denier.  That was the most fucked up part

It was an awkward exchange, but I didn't get the impression that Anthony is a holocaust denier. I think he was trying to express that it isn't something that he thinks about every day but that he believes it happened. To me, it was just an odd way of phrasing it, and Nathan played up the awkwardness for comic effect. 

I was was really impressed at how well the Summit Ice merchandise did! The people from the museum seemed almost giddy to receive such a large amount. 

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 Oh my gosh. I just watched episode 7 Finding Francis and I’m blown away.  That was such a sweet story.  It even brought happy tears for me.  The episode was ridiculous and funny and sweet. 

 I do wonder what the effect of being on the TV show will be on the escort’s business.  I can’t believe she doesn’t like her laugh: her laugh is adorable. I wish I was a bubbly blonde with an adorable laugh like that.

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I just watched Finding Frances.  It was incredible.  There were so many layers of acting/lying.  First, Bill is shown from a past episode where he was introduced as a Bill Gates impersonator.  Later, we find out he was never a Bill Gates impersonator (so he was a Bill Gates impersonator impersonator?).  He's in love with a woman he knew 50 years ago, and tells Nathan a tale of how the relationship was thwarted because his mom didn't like it ("I should've married her...everybody interfered").  It turns out the relationship was probably thwarted by Bill moving away and cheating on Frances.  Meanwhile, Nathan starts a relationship with an escort, someone whose profession is to give people the illusion of a relationship.  And we know Nathan never breaks character; his entire persona is a performance.  "Nathan" falls for the escort.  The cherry on top is when Bill falls for the actress who role-played Frances!

I had to go back and re-watch the beginning of the episode after letting it all sink in.  The episode starts out meta, with Nathan and Bill recording DVD commentary for a Nathan For You DVD.  It ends with Nathan telling Maci it would be cool to have a drone shot, followed immediately by the drone pulling back and showing all the camera crew around Nathan and Maci.  I think the only genuine relationship in this whole thing was the one between Bill and his niece.  Crazy.

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