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On 8/25/2020 at 12:13 AM, Emily Thrace said:

I think there is a dearth of M/M friends who are portrayed as more than bros who like the same beer and sports teams. The type of relationships that Buck and Eddie have is rare on television. Men's relationships are often depicted as shallow or distant its part of the whole men can't deal with their emotions stereotype. So Buck and Eddie going through big emotional traumas and talking them through is huge. Compare the amount of time spent on the men's relationships on Friends or Grey's Anatomy compared to the female friendships. Stereotypes come in many forms and the idea that any deeper male relationship must be a romantic one is a damaging one in its own right.

Representation isn't a zero sum game, having Buck and Eddie as straight doesn't actually take anything away from the LGBT community. The writers have acknowledged the fans but aren't required to rewrite their story to appease them. I have always found it very entitled when slash fans call writers "homophobic" for not giving them the story they want. That's not how television works its not a conspiracy its often that the writer's have plan we are not privy to. Personally I think TPTB want Buck to be free and single so he can do the romance of the week when its needed to spice things up.

Bisexuality is under represented but I don't really see any indication either character is bi. If there was the episode with the older gay couple would have been the perfect moment to show one or the other was hiding something or some feelings. But Buck is very much an open book and seems a bit to comfortable in his own skin to be over compensating. Eddie is harder to read but I think his flirtation with the school teacher shows where they are going with his character.

I disagree; I think it's why there are so many popular slash ships to begin with, because there are so many super close, emotionally deep friendships between guys. Honestly, I think it's the "bros who like the same beer and sports teams" types of friendships that are rare in media. It's way more common that you see "bromances" (and, I'd argue, why that's even a term in the first place) where they're incredibly close and going through all this dramatic, emotional stuff together, at least that I've seen. Maybe we're watching different things, though, and interpretations vary.

I do agree that deep, emotionally complex relationships that are completely platonic are more rare than they should be, but I'd argue it's a much bigger issue with male/female friends than male ones. Where I think homophobia comes in is the double standard. So much of the time, when there's even the slightest hint that two male characters might get together, people freak out, but where are all the "why can't they just be FRIENDS?!" people when it's yet another male/female relationship turning romantic?

As for writers/PTB, I certainly hope there's not anyone calling Ryan Murphy homophobic because that would be ridiculous. There are cases where I do feel like homophobia on the part of the writers is a factor (including one very recent example where someone lost their job and homophobia was one of the many accusations of people who actually worked with them) but I haven't seen any evidence that that's the case here and haven't seen anyone saying it is (as with everything, I'm sure there's someone, somewhere saying it, but unless I'm missing something big, I don't think it's happening on any wide scale).

Like I've already said, I'm not particularly invested in this particular friendship turning romantic because I don't like the way a lot of TV writers write romances, and these particular writers, based on past projects, fall into that category (and honestly, I've lost a lot of the enthusiasm I once had for this show), but my main point is that I don't think it would be some completely crazy, out of left field thing if it were to actually happen because they haven't actually been established as straight. Like you mentioned, they've had opportunities to establish that they weren't, but as someone who's watched almost every show Ryan Murphy's done, I'll readily admit that thinking ahead isn't always a priority. There's also no reason to assume "hasn't explictly said they're gay/bi=must be straight" because there are plenty of reasons why someone wouldn't want to say it at a particular time (although I'll admit I might be reading too much into fictional characters here!).

And honestly, I get the frustration on the part of some fans who want the show to go there when many of them are desperate for representation. I feel like if a relationship is intended to be 100% platonic forever, I don't think it's too much to ask for the writers to make that clear from the beginning instead of this will they/won't they grey area, where they've actually admitted that certain things were intentionally framed in a romantic way. Why do that when there's no intention of it going anywhere? I don't think it's entitled at all to want some payoff when the writers have been intentionally adding things to appeal to those fans, and I don't understand criticizing the fans for feeling disappointed when it doesn't lead anywhere. If anything, I think it's unfair of the writers to try to play both sides, to intentionally play up the ambiguity for that subset of fans, to get views/get people talking, if they know that it's not going to lead anywhere. I mean, I get that hyping things up is a big part of advertising (it's why misleading previews are such a well-known thing, etc.) but I can't blame people for being annoyed at thinking they might actually go there this time, only to be let down yet again.

No, it's not a zero sum game, as you pointed out, but can you think of even one example where a close male/male platonic friendship turned romantic? Because I can't. It seems like with same sex relationships, it always follows the formula of "well, they're both gay, so obviously they're going to be a couple" and it happens relatively quickly (at least relative to when both characters are introduced, if they're not both around from the beginning). I can't blame people for wanting the type of relationship that's common with straight couples (like Bones, The X-Files, apparently Castle although I haven't seen that one, etc.) where there's years of buildup and backstory. You never see that kind of thing with a same sex relationship, ever (which is also part of the reason I find it hard to call slash fans entitled, because they've never gotten what they wanted; all the relationships they wanted to get together stayed "just friends").

I'm not calling you (or anyone who doesn't want this particular relationship to be romantic) homophobic, because people have different tastes and different interpretations of characters and their relationships, and that's obviously fine, but there are some people who get upset every time there's even the slightest suggestion that a platonic male/male relationship could turn romantic (with the implication, of course, that it would be bad if it did). If platonic male friendships becoming romantic was some widespread thing (or those people got equally bothered when yet another male/female platonic relationship became romantic), then I could buy the "they just value platonic relationships!" argument, but when it's an ongoing pattern, I feel like accusations of homophobia might have some merit.

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1 hour ago, Ailianna said:

When is it coming back?

All that I have seen is a Monday in January in a two hour block followed by 9-1-1 Lone Star.

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I will watch the first episodes, but if their use of masking is driven by seeing stars' faces without considering logic, I'm out. So far the 2 shows I've seen (SVU and All Rise) did not have any consistency, and, as with any plot points, it's got to not destroy my suspension of disbelief. 

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