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S31 Casting

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You know the deal . . . Dirty XXX is wrapping up, and the mutation of Champs vs. Pros is in the can. Time to start thinking about the 31st season! Once again, I question the wisdom of letting this party continue. Also, I don't think Baskin Robbins will sponsor the season. If Johnny had an ice cream, it would be pralines and dick, not bananas.

Let me be clear: This is for casting spoilers only. If you have results spoilers, start your own thread. Also: no spoilers on S30 or Champs vs. Pros 2 (or whatever it's going to be titled).

As usual, I'm too lazy to deep dive into forums, so I depend on Stop Being Polite. These are the current rumors as to who's in, who's out, and what the format will be.

Going over the "Likely" list: Britni (whatever), Cory (still looking for that one STD to retire him), Jemmye (whatever/hide the ketchup), Johnny (oh, wow, huge fucking shocker), Leroy (usually a pleasure), Madison (ummmmmmm . . . ), Nelson (he's gonna be a mainstay), Tony (why not name the show Who Wants To Be Tony's Next Baby Mama?), Tyara (seriously hoping she comes back sound like Jasmine Guy in A Different World), and Veronica (we're never gonna be rid of her, are we?)

On the unlikely, the biggest name is Camila. Apparently, even BMP wants her to take time off. When those people think you need help, you really need help. Jenna had ankle surgery, so looks like she'll be taking a break. Ceejai is also on the list . . . seriously, while S30 players probably warmed to the person who snitched on Racist Jenna and would like Ceejai, I really doubt she'd come back to BMP.

As for the "Maybe" . . . WTF is "Tyranny Todd"??? Brad's on the list, and he probably wants to follow Derrick in the post-breakup rebound path. Not on any list? CT. Really hoping he got his third title and decided to call it a career.

No clue about how the teams would be formed. Less than thrilled anybody connected to the Teen Mom franchise might be coming. Seriously, are there any decent and/or stable people there over the age of 18 on any of those shows? Then there's this: "Apparently someone who had potential to be a 'queen' but only did one Challenge was contacted and may return." I have no clue what that could mean. The albino lady from RW: Hollywood? Svetelana?

Have any of you head juicy details? Once again: casting spoilers only. Thank you.

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Camilla needs a fucking break.  But I'm a little surprised to read it won't be


with Madison & Tony likely cast.  Although, if those two are on it, Camilla may be asked back for the drama, despite

whatever happened on Champs vs. Stars


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14 hours ago, Lantern7 said:

No, no, no, NO. TAR is one of the best reality shows out there. Big Brother idiots on there are bad enough, but I don't want to see Johnny go for a $500K payday.

I'd tune in if CT & Cara were partners.

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Ugh, I know nothing about BB, I wish they wouldn't infiltrate the Challenge. Same with Bachelor/Bachelorette dingbats. 

If CT/Cara went on TAR, I would not be able to watch that season, and I love TAR. But I can't stand Cara Maria anymore, so the less of her infiltrating my favorite reality show, the better. 

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Maybe BMP will change this into Battle Of The Viacom Stars. Better folks getting corralled here than Challengers on shows that I like. Seriously, I don't need fucking Johnny on TAR. And I can't imagine Racers doing Challenge. If there's a foursome format, maybe we could get Drama, Big Cat, Chanel and Steelo from Rob Dyrdek's shows. Probably not . . . they would need two women, and I don't know who else would qualfy.

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Big Meech is going to be crying all of the time.   I would have actually liked to see Michelle vs. Camila that would have been funny.  I guess it was not meant to be.

Edited to add:  For some reason every time I see the name Natalie when related to Big Brother I automatically think of the Natalie that lost to Jordan and not this Natalie.  I am not sure why that is the case.

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Some initial S31 tea:

There seems to be two different teams: 

there was pics of one team ( that have been removed) but, they were in red jerseys and they included:

Girls: Veronica, Kailah, Marie, Nicole Z, Jemmye, Britni, Alicia, Kam, Slyvia, Kayleigh, and Melissa.

Boys: Cory, Zach, Nelson, Joss, Bananas, Zach, Kyle from Georgie Shore, and Brad.


The other team is in Ibiza right now:

Girls: Cara Maria, Natalie, Michelle, Nicole R., and Kelly Anne.

Boys: Corey, Victor, CT, Derrick K, Tony, Devin, Eddie, Shane, and Rogan.


More tidbits:

From pics posted and some early details from Vevmo:

Brad/Britni have already been kissing...basically in the pics they were all over each other.

Kailah has latched onto Nicole Z. Basically, she is alone.

Britni/Jemmye/Veronica seemed to be really popular.

Joss/Nelson/Cory have formed an early alliance. 

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Vevmo just updated with the title:


The Challenge: Worlds Collide. They divide it into two big teams and they did a school yard pick.

Production gives them their phones to throw people off but you have to win to get access. ( CT/Nicole r/Kellyanne/Corey have been active on social media)

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Dang. Well, at least CT can attempt a life outside the BMP bubble and continue being a good dad. Ditto for Wee Dee.

Anybody keeping up with Nicole? I'd hate to think she'd wash out being an officer. Once again, I like her.

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On 10/7/2017 at 2:28 PM, CheetaraThunder said:

So new tea from Vevmo:

-CT is NOT on this season.

-Corey/Meech/Derrick K/Nicole R/Kellyanne are all alternates and heading home soon.

Yeah if he won the top prize on S30, maybe it was like $500k.

But with a kid, he can't really retire and has he done anything career-wise outside of these Challenges?

At one time he was working on the production crew, probably not making a lot of money.  But you have to start somewhere and build up a resume to get the higher-paying gigs.

A lot of these guys can be in their mid 30s or older and not have much of a resume to show for it.  Even if you win hundreds of thousands over the course of the Challenges as Bananas has, you're going to need to earn a living for the rest of your life.  Things like health insurance gets more important as you get older and without a regular job, it's expensive to pay for insurance out of pocket.

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