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S04.E21: Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas)

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McGarrett and Catherine travel overseas to Afghanistan to stop the Taliban from harming a young boy whose family saved Catherine's life years ago.
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I missed the beginning.  I really liked how they sent her off.  Story line wise, it pulled the heart strings.  I know some people don't like the actress, but she did a great job and I wouldn't mind if they brought her back.  As long as she does her job well, what she does off screen doesn't really matter.  Maybe a break will help her get some prospective and appreciate the fan base.  I know of several actors after time, they came to like the fan base that at one time they hated.


Loved the Danny and Steve moment and Steve being so surprised that Danny flew all that way to come get him.  Enjoyed the show and thought it was a strong ep.



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This falls under the Cartwright Sons rule. Any woman who got engaged to Adam, Hos or Little Joe would die or leave before they could get married. They would get run over by a horse or something.


At least she wasn't forced to move to Chicago to become a paramedic.

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I agree.  Good show.  How any why Steve gets the time off to do these things from the State is still a mystery to me, but I was glad they wrapped up the "other" case quickly so they could get to the conclusion of her character.

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Oh good, so the character is gone? Kept fast forwarding through her scenes.

Wish they'd stick to Hawaii police stories

Hopefully Steve's mother story is gone for good too

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