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S15.E01: House Divided

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On 9/26/2017 at 10:51 PM, Katy M said:

Probably because it was a quick line in the middle of the case stuff they were talking about and Torres tends to mumble, and nobody really acknowledged it.  Literally 6 or 7 words and that was it.

But they need those throwaway lines to make better continuity and to tell when members are absent.

I guess I know now why Gibbs didn't help NCIS:NO Pride when he had trouble with the town and it's Mayor and vice versa. Both were very busy.

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added info.
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On 9/27/2017 at 8:20 AM, Kelda Feegle said:

Fornell would have been all over the 'find and rescue Gibbs' scenario - I miss him.


This was a glaring misstep for me. 

On 9/28/2017 at 9:15 AM, MortysCleaningLady said:

Things I liked:

McGee and Delilah reunion (although Abby and Torres did not need to be there)


I agree-but I thought they covered this because he wasn't supposed to be back until the next day. I actually liked that they were staying with her while waiting for him to get home - I wondered if all of them had taken turns staying with D. (PS - rewatched ep 23 last week and my hatred for Abby stealing their pregnancy thunder was ignited anew.) Now - the fact that Bishop was headed over there to be with them all - that's where it went too far. Yes, ETA they she wanted to see for themselves, but ETA they she could have waited a night.  

On 9/28/2017 at 9:53 AM, GHScorpiosRule said:

Funny. I thought it might have said Shannon and Kelly, but I didn't pause to see. I know he used to wear that bracelet back from season one. At some point, he took off; and I have to disagree about him not having any family. He's Godfather to Franks's granddaughter. It's too bad that we never saw Maddie (Kelly's childhood best friend) again after her one and done episode in Requiem in Season Five.

I loved that episode with Maddie. I wish they would bring her back. Also lawyer Carrie.

The rest of the ep - I have notes:

  • I loved, loved, loved McGee and Delilah's reunion. No words, just love. I def welled up.
  • I, too, held my breath that printer guy would turn out to be a setup - esp when he came in with his St. Nicholas story. PHEW! 
  • Am ashamed to admit I in no way saw the fake fight coming. Where do I turn in my TV card?
  • The congressional hearing was a little jarring once the cameras turned off
  • "Didja have to hit my nose so hard?" "Didja have to break my carving?"
  • I like Torres. I liked Quinn. Oh well. 
  • I laughed out loud at Jimmy "I have a life."
  • Why didn't Tim's face look as beat up as Gibbs' did?
  • I heart Delilah. Also the actress. 
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to clarify that I thought Abby & Torres would be leaving shortly after Tim arrived until Bishop got that call.
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1 hour ago, betsyboo said:

Now - the fact that Bishop was headed over there to be with them all - that's where it went too far. Yes, she wanted to see for herself, but she could have waited a night. 

If everybody else was staying, and it appeared that they were, Bishop's absence wouldn't have made McGee and Delilah any more alone.

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On 9/27/2017 at 11:18 AM, stuckin60s said:

Did anyone else get the feeling that the visiting coroner will slowly replace Ducky?

I'm really hoping that Ducky gets replaced by Jimmy, myself. You can tell that David McCallum's hands are getting too shaky to be a credible coroner.

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11 hours ago, Katy M said:

If everybody else was staying, and it appeared that they were, Bishop's absence wouldn't have made McGee and Delilah any more alone.

agreed - sorry I didn't mean to call out just Bishop - what I meant was when she called and said she was going over, it was then apparent they were all going to be there. When Tim first came in and Abby and Torres were there, I just assumed they would watch the reunion and then leave. It never occurred to me they would stay until that phone call. 

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On 9/29/2017 at 9:46 AM, Clanstarling said:

Thanks! I was confused because though I'd been around a lot of dog tags as a military brat - I hadn't seen anything like that. Since I wasn't around pilots, that explains a lot.

In Seasons 1-2, didn't Gibbs wear a KIA bracelet for a serviceman killed in Vietnam?  I remember Mark talking about it in a DVD commentary.  It was an actual bona fide KIA bracelet.  That's what I thought Gibbs was putting on in this episode.  Scheck & Cardera have been with NCIS since the beginning, so I thought we were going back to the days of the KIA bracelet somehow.

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