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S35: Joe Mena

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He says one of his pet peeves is fake smiles, but that's exactly what I think of his smile.

I actually like Tony, but this guy is not going to be a Tony.  I also don't remember Mike's "balls to the walls" attitude.

Kudos to him for learning how to swim before going out there.  At least that's planning ahead.  And is it me, or do more contestants seem sunburned pre-game this time?  

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On 8/31/2017 at 11:04 PM, LadyChatts said:

  I also don't remember Mike's "balls to the walls" attitude.

After considering his move that pissed off his overly sensitive cast mates, Mike went all out to win via the challenges. I am pretty sure that's what he's talking about. 

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On ‎9‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 1:04 AM, LadyChatts said:

 I also don't remember Mike's "balls to the walls" attitude.

It was Mike versus everyone else. Mike had to win individual immunity over and over again, else he would have been voted out.

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This guy is a lot more interesting to me after reading his comments about other players in Josh Wigler's "Meet this Castaway" series. I feel like in his bio and the video, CBS was going for a Tony-esque vibe with the manipulation and lack of trust. But I am finding his pre-game reads on the other castaways interesting (and in Cole Medders's case, hysterically funny), and he seems a bit more grounded and principled than Tony.

I also like that he ended up on the healers tribe because of the way he explained his job to Probst. (This was in Wigler's overview of the Healers tribe.) Joe told Probst that Probst didn't understand his job; that being a probation officer was about being there to help people who were going through a transition period, but also holding them accountable for their actions if they screw up. 

The urologist Dr. Mike is also interesting me a LOT after reading his comments about other players.

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