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S01.E03: Language of Love

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On 8/20/2017 at 9:55 PM, JocelynCavanaugh said:

Yes, but also, do go through with this because it will make for great TV! 

Also: those gums. Sorry.

I have the same problem as her and was always self conscious about it. 

I know this is snark but give her a break. She obviously can't help it

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I work in a medical office where one of the things we do are physical exams for immigration.  I was giggling yesterday because we had a young woman on a K-1 come in.  I was confused at first because she didn't have a creepy old man fiance with her, didn't have painted on clothing, wasn't barely out of her teens, and she was educated and well spoken.  :)


We also do travel vaccines and I died at the look on the face of the person Paul spoke to before the Amazon adventure.  Malaria is serious, but it's hardly a death sentence.  And I wonder if she told him to pee in a condom or if he came up with that himself.  

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On 8/22/2017 at 10:11 PM, noveltylibrary65 said:

those liver lips! bleh!!

So true.   I myself am looking ridiculous at this moment in a neck wrap that supposed to train the neck to be tighter.  It sucks being human sometimes lol

OMG! A BOA doing an actual boa-like thing!  I'm not laughing at you.......but at my stupidity not knowing that those things could even exist! 

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So why didn't Paul (is that his name, the KY guy?) not have a conversation with Karine about STDs/pregnancy BEFORE traveling to see her? 

I'm 47, and watching Darcy has been illuminating about how unattractive it is to be so concerned about one's appearance. It's almost been therapeutic for me. Aging sucks, but turning into what she is sucks a lot more. There is something sexy about being comfortable in your own skin, even if that skin is a little wrinkled. I've been hitting the gym a lot more and that seems like a lot better strategy than Fillerfest 2017.

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On 8/20/2017 at 10:39 PM, Kelly said:


INHO, she looks particulary awful in her talking head segments. Not sure what is going on w her forehead/hairline.  She looks part cyborg.

Her hair is also def too long, and too dark.

She would look a lot better with hair/makeup/clothes toned down.

I'm sure controlling Jesse has her makeover on his to-do list. 

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