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*READ ME* before posting in "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days"

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This show generates a lot of conversation, some good and some not so good.  Please keep our forum rules of conduct in mind when posting. 

This is a crazy show, and it's fine to snark about the show and it's participants. However...

  • Don't be rude and confrontational toward other posters.  The show participants are fair game for criticism, but this is a friendly community and everyone is expected to be civil toward each other, even in their disagreement. 
  • Only the events of the aired episode and any related previews should be discussed in the episode threads.  Do not link to or post about anything from social media or articles on other sites about the show in the episode threads.  There is a Spoilers thread as well as individual couples' threads for this type of information.  If you see a spoiler in an episode thread, please report it so the moderation team can take it down and others won't be spoiled also.  Do not quote, ask for more information or discuss the spoilers- just report them. 
  • There is a live posting thread if you want to post while episodes are airing.  Episode threads should be used after you've watched the entire show; folks in other time zones don't have a good experience wading through 8 pages of "Look at her hat!" "I can't believe he just said that"  "She's so stupid" etc.   
  • Disagreement is to be expected and you should try not to see someone's conflicting opinion as a personal attack.  However, if you think someone is attacking you, report the post, don't engage.
  • Make your point once and move on.
  • If you don't like someone's opinion and would like to never see it again, click on their picture and use the Ignore function.   If you think someone's breaking the rules, report their post (by clicking on the flag icon underneath it) and the moderators will check it out. 
  • Do not post personal information about the show's participants or their families- it's weird and creepy. No home addresses, photos of children who are not on the show, schools or churches they attend, etc.
  • This forum is for discussing the Before the 90 Days spinoff only. 


Happy posting!


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