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S14.E10: Top 9 Perform

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8 hours ago, luvthepros said:

I have never entered a discussion about black vs white and I'm probably not wording this properly to be politically correct but.........

Theater has been color blind for several years now. "Hamilton" on Broadway has hired many a black actor to play historically white men. That is just one show on Broadway but this has been going on for years now. Just a thought.

Theater hasn't been color blind, nor should it be. To be color blind is to say "your experiences as a person of color don't matter to me, so I'm going to choose to ignore it." Think about how many longstanding Broadway shows have a majority black cast versus majority white. Aside from Hamilton and The Lion King, I can't think of many. That matters a lot. 

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On 8/24/2017 at 2:26 AM, PRGyro said:

12.) Kiki

Mary was extra disingenuous to infer that Kiki's performance was the best contemporary done by a male ballroom dancer in the history of the show when Paul was standing right there. Along with Pasha and Dmitry, who are elsewhere getting jobs Kiki wishes he had. In no way, shape, or form is a contemporary routine where the choreographer has to simplify a move because someone can barely position their own two legs in a 45-degree angle the "best" anything, Mary.


Just finished watching last season's all star contemporary dance to "Unsteady".  One of my favorites.  Jonathan and Paul were the male ballroom all stars.  I had forgotten how good Jonathan is in contemporary.  I can't imagine Kiki doing well in this piece.  He even had trouble in the group jazz routine.  I shake my head everytime I think of Mary making the "best" statement.  Surely she didn't really believe it.  I guess they're just that desperate to keep Kiki in the game.   They can pat themselves on the back because it appears to be working.

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5 hours ago, Duke Silver said:

Kiki is going be the "why the hell is this dude still around?" guy in the top 3 or 4, right?

I'll place a wager that you're right about that, and hope that I lose my money.  He could even win this thing the way the judges are fawning all over him and Kat keeps tell us he's the sexiest thing ever and that all the girls are squeeing over his solos.  I still haven't seen an answer to my much earlier question about whether the contestants ever get to dance with a different partner other than their all star, does anyone know for sure?  Otherwise, if it doesn't happen soon, Lex may not make it to the top 3, and Kaylee will be out soon.   I really dislike this format.

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On 8/23/2017 at 5:30 PM, SnarkyTart said:

They've hardly made a secret of it.  They've both talked about it quite openly in the After Buzz shows, as have Robert and Gaby.  They were dating before SYTYCD.

That's just silly.  I'm going to guess you're kidding and that you don't seriously believe professional dancers can't have chemistry with a partner they're not dating, or they can't get physically close to their partner if the bf/gf is around. 

yes lol. only kidding

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Boy, something went pretty wrong with that samba.  Taylor and Robert just seemed kinda outta synch or somehow off.  I think the samba rolls went wrong and they turned it into something else as soon as it did

Just now went on here and watched the 2 performances that Trump's speech knocked off my DVR--Jenna and Kiki and Taylor and Robert.  Taylor was awful--her samba was slow and she danced like a heavy log.  Robert (all star) was wonderful, as was Jenna.

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