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Team Charles vs. Team Josh

Team Charles vs. Team Josh  

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  1. 1. Which do you choose?

    • Team Charles!
    • Team Josh!
    • Neither
    • Both!

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I'm much more a Charles girl than a Josh fan, but I voted neither because who Liza ends up with is the least important part of her journey. I want her to be empowered and successful. I want her to be comfortable enough in her own skin to out herself. I want her to make friends with one of those fabulously stylish older New York ladies who can encourage Liza to move beyond the Josh and Charles binary, be adventurous with her life and career, and also TEACH LIZA HOW TO DRESS HERSELF!!!!! 

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I must be missing something because Charles bores me to tears. I hope Liza finds a third choice, one who incorporates Josh's playfulness with a bit more maturity. Liza has a fun-loving side to her that just doesn't seem to mesh with Charles and his fogey-ness.

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