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S16: Samantha Rei

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She has an anime slash comicon vibe. I think she'll do well at the beginning when they have unconventional,  grocery store,  dollar tree, type challenges. 

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3 hours ago, OrigamiNightmare said:

I went to high school and was friends with her. I can say, hands down, she is one of the sweetest, nicest people I've ever met. And a very talented visual artist.

Her kind nature definitely comes across even in short clips. as far as I'm concerned.  Even in a season with Zen Brandon and sweet Kentayo and keeping-it-real, good-humored Kenya, she's my favorite personality-wise!  

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She is so likeable!  I was disappointed in her good-evil dress, but I think she has a distinct vision and hasn't gotten recognition for the interesting stuff she has sent down the runway.

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12 minutes ago, OrigamiNightmare said:

She can draw very, very well. And has great, unique, and purposeful vision for the art and fashion she creates (we went to a school that focused on the arts) ... She can also play the guitar (or at the very least "House of the Rising Sun").

My kinda gal. Seriously, I've loved everything she's done except this week and I'm not convinced I wouldn't have loved this week too if not for Tim's influence. 

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I feel like she got too wrapped up in her emotions with regard to Disney, princesses, etc. and it obscured her ability to step back.  With the quality she's put across in other episodes, I am sure she can get back to it!

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