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Who would have thought he would turn out to be such a good family man?.  He LOVES those boys.  I like to watch the opening with him playing with them on the beach when they were little.  His love for them just shines

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3 hours ago, Nancypants said:

Oh I don't feel Sorry for Mrs RobLowe! She is married to what appears to be one of the nicest guys ever... That is ageless and Ridiculously good looking!

She hit the jackpot, didn't she?  If you read his terrific autobiography, Stories I Tell My Friends, you'll find he seems to be a pretty good hubby, too.  They were longtime friends who didn't get together until after he got sober with her support.

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I did remote viewing as part of a group project back in the 1980s (in LA, where else?) If you Google "Mobius Group" and "remote viewing," there's stuff online about it. I don't know how it works, but our group was pretty successful at it. At the time, I thought it was just a fun bonding activity, so I enjoyed seeing that they are looking into practical uses for it. The man who led our session said that he used it to visualize where parking spaces were. ;-)

I'm not a particular fan of Rob Lowe, but enjoyed this series very much. I wonder what might have happened if the "incomers" hadn't show up at the end of the wood ape show?

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On 9/7/2017 at 9:35 AM, smorbie said:

That's right!  I'd forgotten that.  It was the best done work of Stephen King on television, for sure.  His version of The Shine that ABC was stellar as well, much better than the abomination Kubrick made (King reportedly hates that version, as do I).  I thought they also did an excellent job with It.  But the Stand was the most well done. IMH


Now on to this show.  When I saw the first ad I thought poor Lowe's career must be in the dumpster.  But, I had to watch.  And what a delight this show is!  It's sweet and goofy and just tons of fun!  Rob Lowe is a genius to have thought of a way to take fun trips with his kids and have A&E pay for them.

I love that you can see the affection they have for each other in every scene.  I love that it showcases Lowe's goofy sense of humor (something I think we didn't get to see a lot of before Parks and Recreation and the much lamented The Grinder).  I love that he never carries money so he looks like a mooch.  

It's a delightful confection and I hope it never goes away.

Is there a season 2 in the works?

I follow Rob on Twitter. He was asked the very same question either today or yesterday (I'm a few hours behind--more than usual--right now). This is what he said about an S2:

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nooooooooo!  I do not accept this! Heh sorry, having a tantrum.  That sux. Honestly.  sux.  There is not many shows on that I totally dig, but this was #1.  It can be done.  Summer hiatus, and don't schools have summer time off?  bummed.

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10 hours ago, Tammee said:

nooooooooo!  I do not accept this! Heh sorry, having a tantrum.  That sux. Honestly.  sux.  There is not many shows on that I totally dig, but this was #1.  It can be done.  Summer hiatus, and don't schools have summer time off? bummed.

Yeah, as long as Rob's on Code Black (or any other TV show), he gets a summer hiatus (depending on the number of eps to film for the next season) from April or May--or earlier, perhaps--until sometime around early July or so. And yeah, colleges do have summers off--the timing of which tends to coincide, mostly (at least where I went to college), with the usual summer hiatus period for TV show filming (the place where I went to college is usually off from sometime in May through sometime in August). But the thing about that is, at least every college I've ever heard about (or been to) also offers Summer School between the regular semesters.

And sometimes colleges only offer 1 or more certain required classes for a degree during Summer School. Or, if that's not the case, some students like to at least take other available classes towards their degree (like electives, or maybe classes that count for their minor) so they can maybe graduate sooner. Matthew's going to law school; I don't know what Johnny's studying other than he goes to Stanford (at least last I heard). Maybe either or both situations apply to Matthew &/or Johnny, & Rob knows that, since he's their dad. Also, not to mention, they're entitled to live their own lives during the summer (if they're off school) &, no matter how much they love their dad, they might not want to/shouldn't necessarily have to spend all or part of the summer filming a TV show with him.

I'm not even sure Matthew wants to be an actor, or do much/more reality TV, since he's going to law school. I know Johnny seems to like acting--he had a recurring role (as a friend/school mate of Rob's character's niece & nephew) in The Grinder, the recent Fox comedy where Rob played an actor who played a lawyer who thought he could actually BE a lawyer, with his family's law firm in Boise, when his show gets cancelled since he played 1 for enough seasons he figured he had to have enough legal knowledge accumulated, through that, without having to go to law school & get a license first. But, I don't know if that's what Johnny wants to do after college.

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On 9/16/2017 at 9:36 PM, jewel21 said:

I watched the most recent eppy where they're were like remote viewing stuff or reading minds... I don't know, it was weird but still an interesting episode. Anyone else catch it?

It was a fun episode because it was in my town and I knew all the locales.  The place where they met the remote viewers outside in what looked like a patio was Rob's house.  My husband used to do work on their property.

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