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S12.E03: The Not So Quiet Woman

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2 minutes ago, Pickles said:

Hate Lydia and her "mamacita". Her husband is unappealing. The whole magazine thing is so made up. Let's create a magazine featuring ourselves, so we can feel important.

i want to give you 1000 hearts

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The new couple reminds me why too much of Jim and Amber of RHNJ.  So far, I hate them.  The comments made by Shannon's trainer are only going to make her eat more.  Aspen's expression when Megan asked Jimmy if he thought Aspen could see ghosts was perfect. Umm, what??? Me?

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Can we just ban the phrase "clear the air" from these shows? Does anything good ever come from it? 

I mean I guess that's the point but it still sucks

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3 minutes ago, WhoaWhoKnew said:

Yeah and I'm sure the personal trainer (or whatever he is) saying "Wow!" before every picture really helped lessen the humiliation.

Those "Wow's" were telling! She must really be awful in person for the trainer to be that demonstrative! Shannon's storyline with be the weight thing! So sad! ;-)

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1 minute ago, Straycat80 said:

Kelly walking into the restaurant and immediately going straight to the bathroom where Shannon is. Set up. 

Just the drama to make watching the episode worthwhile! "Read between these lines Kelly!" lol! ;-)

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Well, even when I'm on Kelly's side I'm not in Kelly's side.....

Shannon's a frigging loon but Kelly's just mold on top of a condiment jar.

Love the juxtaposition of Lydia praying in the toilet and Peggy just plugging along eating her dinner.

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1 minute ago, ivygirl said:

What the HECK was that blowfish action, Kelly????


"Ohhhh I'm sooooo embarrassed!" Wah! Be embarrassed that you set this crapstorm up, Lydia.

I thought I was imagining things! Was that her in that window?> lol! Poor Shannon, I'm dying LMAOROFLOL ...

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They will have to rename this restaurant: The Screaming Women or F you, you F-ing B. I'm Done. The Flying Plate. 

Lydia praying in the bathroom with Shannon (eye roll). God wasn't listening apparently. 

Kelly really is a shit stirrer but some of the things she said about Shannon were true. 

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