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S12.E10: Judge Cuts 3

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All I knew was Laverne Cox is on Orange Is The New Black. Didn't know anything about being transgender, which doesn't matter to me at all. As for the acts going through so far, I only know the names of maybe two of those. Others I know as Subway Singer, Fat Dancing Man, Roller Skating Siblings and so forth. I'm just not invested enough to learn real names!

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Celine was my favorite and Diavolo second.

I think there are so many singers getting through because there are that many really good singers.

It's much different than Idol when it was easy to figure who the top 2 or 3 will be.  But, with cute little kids,  young teenagers, young adults, old adults and then the myriad of groups, it's hard to figure out who is the best, but even harder to figure out who the public will vote for.

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