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S13.E14: 450 Mile Storm

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Sad to see him retire, if that is what's going to happen now.

But truthfully, he should have hung 'em up after last year.  He should not have been going fishing after just a year after suffering that heart attack.  And I think he should have just said, "Nope, that's it...my health is more important than going crabbing."  It's not just about him and his brothers and crew any longer.  He has kids and grandchildren who want to see their dad/grandpa to be with them and in their lives for as long as possible.  Sig should not be risking all that just to got out and fish for another season again.

And he definitely should stop that smoking thing as well. 

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4 hours ago, 6Lombardis said:

I couldn't believe when I saw him still smoking.  And not a little bit but a lot!  C'mon Sig!

 And he wouldn't stop even when he was trying to figure out the pains - "I don't know what this is", "It hurts right here on my left", "I hope it's not my heart again".......pauses in self-diagnosis to light cigarette.  Honestly if I was his wife and saw that on the show I'd want to kill him myself.   Sig has been posting pictures with the new grandbaby and at Mandy's wedding so we know he's OK but will he keep fishing after this is the big, big question.

Award for idiot of the night is a tie - Keith or Jake.  Keith may need his quota very badly but when the entire fleet has run for a safe harbor could it be that they're all right and your decision to continue to fish is the wrong choice?  And Jake watched his guys, who didn't really know what to do, set that anchor, couldn't really see what they did but just asked them if it was done and took their word for it - you're the captain AND you know they need help and advice, take 5 minutes away from your dinner table speech to walk over and double check their work, that's your responsibility.  I've always liked Jake but that was a bonehead oversight and I wonder what the Saga owners had to say about it.

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Keith...not wise to be out in that storm.

i rolled my eyes when sig was talking about his pains and then proceeded to light up a cig. If you think you might be on the verge of another heart attack, why would you think it a good idea to have a smoke??? Honestly, i don't understand why sig didn't just split seasons with edgar if he wanted to still fish for crab. He did relatively fine for kings, but opies are usually the more stressful season so he should had let edgar captain the boat. Basically, go the johnathan/andy route.

jake...wwwhhhhhyyyyyyy. He's such a wimp. He crawled back to dean and because the guy managed to not make a mess of things jake's gonna give him a zillionth chance. Really? You either fire him for good or not at all. Jake has completely lost in this power struggle.

we haven't seen Wild Bill for 2 weeks now. Didn they forget about him? :P

I can't really focus on these episodes anymore (despite some drama actually happening for once). My focus has become very in and out. I really wish they'd shorten the seasons to like, 12 episodes, because that's all i can really handle at this point. I don't even know how many episode we have left this seaon but it feels like it's never going to end.


**eta: according to my mom, jake still spent dean packing, so good for him i guess. But that shows you how unfocused i was watching this episode :P i'm just ready for this season to be done. Blah.

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What's scary is that Sig is only 51.  He has the potential to live decades longer, but not if he keeps going the way he is.  He has a bad heart.  He's had one major heart attack, and continues to have symptoms that are troubling.  IF he wants to watch his grandkids grow up, he needs to make some changes.

  • STOP SMOKING.  Every puff of a cigarette means you're inhaling poison and not inhaling oxygen.  The heart needs oxygen.
  • Find a job where you can be nearer to medical care at the drop of a hat.  The Bering Sea doesn't have any Urgent Care centers.  Expand your TV and internet sales, but let Edgar run the boat.
  • Don't put yourself in a position where the very lives of others rests in your hands 24/7.  That kind of stress is just adding to your health problems.

My husband - who has worked in a relatively stress-free job for most of his life - had a heart attack at the age of 74.  Shortly after he returned to work (yes, he was still working at 74), the company began putting in a new computer system.  It was obvious to the people who were actually using it that it was a piece of junk, and no one on the IT or management sides would listen when their most knowledgeable employee said, "This is a piece of junk."  I was working at the same company on a temp job, so I knew as much as he did that the computer system was a mess.  So one day at lunch, I said to him, "You know, you don't HAVE to deal with this mess anymore.  We can retire."  So before we left for the day, he typed up an e-mail to the two levels of management above him saying, "I'm retiring in 6 weeks.  That will give you time to find someone to replace me, and I'll still be here to help train them."  He hit "Send" and we left.  

And we've never regretted it.  The computer system is still a mess, but it's not our mess.  And the company is still functioning without their most knowledgeable employee . . . not as smoothly, but it's running.  Kind of like the Northwestern would do if they hand over the reins to their very experienced back-up captain, Edgar.

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I would never crew for Keith.  Ever.  He showed what he most values and it is not life.  Also, why was the Disco chase ship out there with them????   Or did the edit monkeys use footage from other swelling seas?

Having said this, where were the 30 foot seas?  The 50K winds?  It can not be good that the forecasters appeared to cry wolf in this instance.

I was happily stunned that Jake fired that fool.  He's still not cut out to lead men on a ship, but at least he got this one right.

I genuinely loved seeing Jake hanging with Edgar awaiting word about Sig.  He was acting and accepted as family.  Very cool.

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It was nice to see Sig and Jake talking again (briefly on the radio).  Earlier in the season Jake had practically accused Sig of sticking him with a bad string of pots to haul in (when Sig was actually trying to help him). The way Sig told him off made it sound like he was done with him. Though I'd suspect he may not go out of his way to try and help Jake again.

I guess it may not matter now, if Sig is smart and retires -- however I can see him doing what Phil did, back in the wheelhouse chain smoking and stressing out until the end ...

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